Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Aren't She Adorable?

Found this cute girl picture via Espana Photography Blog!

This is a great picture to hang in any room to make everyone smile at least once a day.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Back With A Ruffle-Ribbon-Roses Fondant Cake!

Rachel jumps back and forth between her wedding blog and website ^.^
And here she re-visits her old wedding blog with blogspot again!

The first reason I had my friend to create my new wedding website is the limitation on template and layout offered by blogspot. But it comes to my surprise that blogspot actually added some new features (template designer) and I started to fall in love with the convenience blogspot brought to its bloggers again. New backgrounds, wider blog box (adore this very much!), and the freedom to change the background and font colors!

While my friend is working on the administrator page for my new website, I will continue my blogging journey here in blogspot.

Here's a pretty fondant wedding cake as seen in Style Me Pretty Gallery. I don't usually like the red roses (sorry, there is no exception for this case either), but the details such as ruffles and ribbons on cake are STUNNING! This cake is definitely the center of attention during the reception (besides the charming newlywed). Bravo to the cake designer!

Photo as seen in Style Me Pretty - Kim & Charlie Wedding - Keely Thorne Events Planning - Photography by Ashley Garmon