Sunday, July 10, 2011

In Love With Hydrangea Flowers

Are you looking for flowers that create drama and wow factor for your wedding? Look no further than the fluffy delicate hydrangea which come in different colors that would fit into your wedding theme color. 

Hydrangeas are produced from early Spring to late Fall; they grow in flowerheads at the end of the stems. There are two flower arrangements in hydrangeas - Mophead and Lacecap. Mophead Hydrangeas are large round flowerheads that look like pom-poms or simply the head of mop. This type of hydrangea is commonly seen in wedding floral arrangements. On the other hand, Lacecap Hydrangeas are round, flat flowerheads with a center core of subdued, fertile flowers surrounded by outer rings of showy, sterile flowers. This looks less dramatic than its peer (Mophead) and less popular for wedding.

Colors! Hydrangeas come in variety of colors; ranges from white, green, blue, pink, purple, and antique tones. Interesting but it is true that the color of hydrangea is affected by pH of the soil. Acidic soil produces blue hydrangeas, neutral soil produces pale cream hydrangeas, and alkaline soil produces pink-purple-ish hydrangeas. The amount of Aluminum absorb through the roots change the color of its blooms.

Here is WeddingHydrangea description of different shades of each color category:
Blue: Light sky blue, periwinkle blue, deep cobalt blue, and blue with lavender tones.
Red-Purple-Raspberry-Pink: Red, dark purple, raspberry, deep violet, and pink.
White: White and white with a little pink or blue blush.
Lavender: Dark to light lavender.
Antique-Green-Jewel Tones: Green, burgundy, jewel tones, antique pink, blue, and purple/lavender.

Hydrangeas are popular for weddings and always being incorporated into bridal bouquets, boutonnieres, ceremony decors, centerpieces, as well as desserts (some creative cake artists actually took the challenge to re-create the beautiful blooms using butter cream and sugar). Need some ideas? We have got some in the pictures below for your reference. 

Different shades of Hydrangeas being incorporated into Bridal Bouquets

Hydrangea Boutonnieres

Ceremony Decor with some Hydrangea Blooms

Hydrangea Centerpieces

Layers of Hydrangeas around Wedding Cakes and on top of Cupcakes

Photo Credits:
1- Pot of colorful hydrangeas
2- Pink/Green centerpiece
3- A table full of hydrangeas in bottles
4- Blue/Green hydrangeas end table decor
5- Green hydrangea bouquet
6- Pink & Purple hydrangea bouquets
7- Bride holding a white and soft pink roses mixed with soft pink hydrangeas bouquet
8- Red hydrangea bouquet
9- Green & White mixed bouquet
10- Green boutonnieres for the wedding party
11- White & Green boutonniere
12- Purple & Green boutonniere seen in weddingbee
13- Blue hydrangea boutonniere as seen in Midge Flower Boutique
14- White & antique green hydrangeas wreath
15- Antique hydrangeas & champagne grapes wreath
16- Hydrangeas in glass vase and mason jar
17- White hydrangeas ceremony decor
18- Antique pink hydrangeas
19- Antique pink/green hydrangeas
20-Antique pink/green hydrangeas and purple roses in box
21-Antique purple/green hydrangeas
22-Hydrangeas-adorned birdcage
23- Pot of hydrangeas
24- Hydrangeas Berry centerpiece
25- Hydrangeas & seashell tablescape
26- Soft pink & white hydrangea arrangement
27- Hydrangea & rose table arrangement
28- Buttercream cupcakes
29- Sugar hydrangea petals on cupcakes
30- Petit Fours
31- Buttercream frosting cupcakes & Blue/Green hydrangea cake
32- French pink hydrangea cake
33- Hydrangea fondant cake
34- Hydrangea wikipedia

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Fourth-Of-July-Inspired Wedding Fireworks!

Fireworks + Sparklers = Happy Ending + Beginning of Your Sweet Marriage!

My husband and I were at Downtown Des Moines to watch some fireworks last night. They are so beautiful and just right above us! The person who invented fireworks is genius! Thank you for sharing such a beautiful artwork.

It is Fourth of July weekend, we are off to see more fireworks again by the pond tomorrow! Meanwhile, hope you enjoy the above posting of wedding fireworks pictures!

Happy Independence Day, America!

Photo Credits:
1- Sparkler writing
2-  U.S. flag-inspired fireworks by A Simple Photograph via Style Me Pretty
3- Married couple kissing under the fireworks via WeddingBee Forum
4- Married couple dancing under the fireworks and walk passed the sparklers aisle via The Knotty Bride
5- Wedding ceremony under the fireworks via Head over Heels online wedding guide
6- Married couple kissing middle of sparklers aisle via Best Destination Wedding forum
7- Another sparkler writing via DSL Fireworks
8- Happy Fourth of July clip art