Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fairytale Wedding Portraits as seen in EAD

Thanks Elizabeth Anne Designs for sharing these beautiful wedding portraits in the blog! Do stop by EAD for the full post!

Wedding Portrait by Marie Labbancz

Wedding Portrait by Marie Labbancz

Wedding Portrait by Marie Labbancz

Wedding Portrait by Marie Labbancz
Photo by: Marie Labbancz Photography

Is 2011 going to be a big year for you?
Yours Moment hereby wishing you happy counting down to year 2011! Hope you have a great year ahead!

Stunning Bridal Portrait as seen in EAD!

I went through some real wedding pictures on Elizabeth Anne Designs the other day and I would like to share these beautiful portraits of the blushing brides with you while we are counting down to the new year day (two more days till 01.01.2011)!

Classic Southern Wedding Portrait by A Bryan Photo
Photo by: A Bryan Photo

Stay tune for the fairytale-like wedding (newlywed) portrait I have seen in Elizabeth Anne Designs coming up next (I love the entire wedding feel so much - one word - beautiful)!

Lastly, I would like to thank EAD for sharing these lovely pictures in the blog! Love stopping by your blog everyday.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Counting down to 2011 - 3 more days to 01.01.2011

2010 is a great year for me!
1. Married to my wonderful husband and moved to Iowa
2. Worked with my friend to develop Yours Moment website
(not in full force yet as I am still waiting for a software to come)
3. Traveled to West Coast with my girlfriends
4. Visited my family and friends back home in Malaysia
5. Assisted my sister with the preparations for her wedding in November.

Let's review the list!

I was thrilled when my hubby asked if I would like to spend the rest of my life with him (with the lovely hand-painted banner!). Sure I am! We would like to thank all our family and friends who helped us to celebrate the meaningful moment of our life. 01.01.2011 is coming up! Cheers to our first anniversary on the new year day!

Was it hard to say bye to NYC? (A place where many people have been dreaming to visit/live!) Well, it was not too hard in terms of leaving the single lonely nights in NYC. BUT it was hard to leave my wonderful friends, family, and colleagues. They were the greatest companion during all my lonely nights in NY. We celebrated the holiday season together, tried out new restaurants around the city, and even the grocery shopping with my girlfriends was fun! Thank you my lovely NY folks!

Next up was to planning a all-girls getaway! Air tickets - booked; hotel - booked; car - checked; map - ready; and we ready to have fun. That was my first all-girls vacation and it was fun. We had so much fun together. Thanks Eva, Kay, and Julie for joining the West Coast trip! I miss you all. Hope you have a great holiday!

Visiting Malaysia is ALWAYS a big deal! Who doesn't like to spend more time with their dearest family? There is no exception for me either. I miss my family and glad to be able to spend three months holidays with them. I would like to thank everyone who made an effort to visit or just hang out with me. Mom, I just miss your home cook food so much! Yes, I am learning and trying to prepare sumptuous homemade meals for my family. Thanks for sharing your recipes! I will be back in year 2012 (hopefully another long vacation for both my husband and I)!

Last but not least is to helping my sister to get ready with her traditional Chinese wedding. Oh looking at the to-do list, there were just enormous amount of things to do and there were many customs for a traditional Chinese wedding (hopefully we get to hold a modern Chinese wedding with less customs when it is our turn in year 2012)! Despite tremendous amount of things to complete before the wedding, our goal was to have wonderful time with our long-time-no-see relatives and friends. We hope that everyone enjoyed the party and had fun chit-chat with each other!

Let's CHEERS for year 2010!
Photo belongs to Author own collection.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Last Minute & Yet A Lovely Christmas Present

In a blink of an eye, Christmas is just four days away! For those who are running out of time to do Christmas shopping for your aunts who love cooking, I came across this food gifts in a jar idea (via At Home with Kim Vallee) that you might be interested to making one!

Instead of baking cookies for your family and friends for the holidays, why not sharing your delicious cookies recipes with them and let them enjoy the baking process themselves? It is a simple and yet thoughtful Christmas gift for the foodies. Also, I personally think it is a creative way of sharing your favorite recipes (in a jar) with family and friends. Furthermore, you may customize the gift to accommodate each gift receiver's favorite recipe!

Preparing these edible gifts in a jar is not a daunting task at all (you may assign this task to your young children and guide them through). In fact, it can be done in simple, quick and easy three steps of preparation. Firstly, you will need to get the recipe (or you already have one in mind). Secondly, you will need to buy the ingredients, jar and decorative items (such as paper goods and ribbons). Then, layer each ingredients inside the jar and seal it with love! Voila, you have got lovely homemade Christmas gifts for your loved ones!

Are you preparing your Christmas gifts in jar too?

Photo Credits:
1. Cake mix from Food Network
2. Muffin mix from
3. Cookies mix from DailyMe
4. Spiced hot drink mix from The Yummy Life
5. Hot cocoa from Emma's Paperie
6. Hot Chocolate from Paper & Cake

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Creative iPhone Save The Date!

I bet many of you have seen a Wedding Save-The-Date Card. There are post card style, portrait (photo) style, on calendar, on the magnet, and etc. But have you seen something more than printed words and portrait of the bride- and groom-to-be holding the date on the save-the-date card? I am dying to see some creativity from the couples or photographers!

Save-The-Date Magnet via Wedding Paper Divas

Save-The-Date Photo Card via Wedding Paper Divas

So when I first saw the Save-The-Date on this iPhone via Ruffled blog, my heart screamed for GREAT IMAGINATION! This photo was taken by A Simple Photo. Not much styling needed to get done, just the phone feature and (of course!) THE ring! You have it all - a creative way to inform your family and friends about the date you are getting married to the man you cherish!

Image Credits:

Save the date card via The Knot

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Uniquely Beautiful Ring

Hello people!
I have got a beautiful ring to share with my dear readers today.


Despite rows of diamonds criss-crossing each other, the center stone still stand out brilliantly. The meaning of a guy presenting this ring to his sweetheart becomes so special. For him, his girl is the unique one in the world; and she outshines the rest and stand an important role in the guy's heart. How sweet!

How about you? Do you have a special proposal story to share?

Photo Credit:
Criss-cross Diamond Engagement Ring from

Monday, October 11, 2010

How many dresses do you have for your wedding?

How about 3 dresses? It is not unusual for Malaysian Chinese brides to have more than 2 dresses for their wedding. You might say it sounds like a fashion show; but it is true for the bride.

The idea of owning a gown is yet not so popular in Malaysia. Unlike brides in US where they buy wedding gowns for their weddings; Malaysian Chinese brides usually rent their wedding dresses from bridal studios. The bride traditionally wear three wedding dresses. The common set comes with a white wedding gown, a cheongsam/qipao (祺袍) or kwa (traditional heavily embroidered formal red wedding gown popular in Southern China), and an evening gown (bride's going away dress).

When does the bride wear a wedding gown, a cheongsam, and an evening gown?

Traditionally, the white wedding gown with veil is worn during the wedding ceremony. The second dress, a traditional Chinese wedding dress, to be worn at the wedding banquet. And lastly, the bride will change to an evening gown (also known as the bride's going away dress) before the bride leaves the banquet.

Nowadays, the bride will wear her white wedding gown for morning wedding ceremony (出门). She will then change to a cheongsam or kua for tea ceremony (敬茶). And lastly, she will have all three dresses for wedding banquet/reception. Wedding gown for opening, evening gown during the banquet, and cheongsam at the end of the banquet.

How about you? Are you having at least three dresses for your wedding?

Photo Credits:
1. Traditional Kwa from Elegant Event Design
2. Cheongsam from Datang Wedding Dress Co.
3. White wedding dress from That Special Occasion
4. Purple evening dress from Dress Feeling

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Wedding Gowns - What's the difference between Malaysia & U.S.?

Congratulations to all happily engaged ladies!
Your dream to be a one-day-Cinderella will be coming true soon. Aren't you excited?
To create your Cinderella dream, nothing more excited than trying all the gowns your wedding vendor or bridal studios has to offer.

In U.S., almost 99% of the brides will start looking for brand new wedding gowns for their weddings as soon as the first day they got engaged (oh...some brides-to-be even look into their potential wedding gowns way before they got engaged). Many of them will go after their favorite designers too! It has been the tradition for many centuries in the U.S.

However, the idea of buying a brand new gown for Malaysian Chinese brides is considered as new. In old times, many mothers actually made the gowns for their daughters as wedding gifts (or part of Jia Zhuang 嫁妆). Then the trend evolved to renting a wedding gown from bridal studio. The bridal studio offers one-stop services to couples who are preparing for their weddings, such as wedding attires, makeup services, pre-wedding and actual wedding photo shoots, and bridal bouquets. As time goes by, younger generations starting to look for customized services and uniqueness. And hence, some modern brides are leaning toward designer gowns.

Despite the newest trend, still majority of the modern brides sign up with bridal studios who will take care of everything - less hectic and convenient for both couples who work full time.

Are you the bride who is leaning towards gown specialist or one-stop services provided by bridal studio?

Photo Credits:
Gowns by Pretty In White

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Have been gone for the whole summer...I am finally back again to continue blogging more about wedding planning. Rather than typical American weddings, you will see more postings about Malaysian weddings here in Yours Moment.

Always feel good to be home. I totally agree!
Despite traveled many thousands miles from foreign country back to my home country - Malaysia, the moment seeing my family is worthwhile.

See you in my next posting!

Happy Weekend!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Aren't She Adorable?

Found this cute girl picture via Espana Photography Blog!

This is a great picture to hang in any room to make everyone smile at least once a day.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Back With A Ruffle-Ribbon-Roses Fondant Cake!

Rachel jumps back and forth between her wedding blog and website ^.^
And here she re-visits her old wedding blog with blogspot again!

The first reason I had my friend to create my new wedding website is the limitation on template and layout offered by blogspot. But it comes to my surprise that blogspot actually added some new features (template designer) and I started to fall in love with the convenience blogspot brought to its bloggers again. New backgrounds, wider blog box (adore this very much!), and the freedom to change the background and font colors!

While my friend is working on the administrator page for my new website, I will continue my blogging journey here in blogspot.

Here's a pretty fondant wedding cake as seen in Style Me Pretty Gallery. I don't usually like the red roses (sorry, there is no exception for this case either), but the details such as ruffles and ribbons on cake are STUNNING! This cake is definitely the center of attention during the reception (besides the charming newlywed). Bravo to the cake designer!

Photo as seen in Style Me Pretty - Kim & Charlie Wedding - Keely Thorne Events Planning - Photography by Ashley Garmon

Friday, April 30, 2010

Fly Out to UK: Tobiah Tayo Photography

I am so happy and eager to show you the photographs when I found this UK wedding two days ago. Amazing pictures with genuine emotion, and beautiful bride and groom at the beautiful setting.

Introducing the talents behind the lens: Tobiah & Laura from Tobiah Tayo Photography
And, their philosophy in photography in their own words:

We love to create not just stunning photographs, but art. We feel that photographs are a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. A moment that is captured forever... it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.

We have a unique style which we feel sets us apart from the tens of thousands of other photographers in your area! You cannot compare photography. You can only recognize when a photograph makes you feel something special.

Our photographs are all about drama, atmosphere, emotions, style and fun!

We love to take lifestyle portraits, relaxed wedding photographs and believe that it is vital that the experience is enjoyable. If not it won't show in your photographs.

To see the wedding photographs,
please visit Tobiah and Laura's blog.

Have a wonderful Derby weekend (especially to Louisville folks)!
Ladies, if you are interested at the special hats on Kentucky Derby Day, do check out some of the Derby Hats we posted here last year.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Des Moines Wedding Photographer: Nicole Thomas Photography

Great found!
Drake got talent (she is my senior, indirectly)! Her name is Nicole Thomas - drake graduate, Starbucks fan, and most importantly, she loves what she does everyday which evolves around photography.

Here is her approach to photography in her own words:

My approach is simple. I aim to capture the story. I want to capture every fleeting moment as the day unfolds. Photography is an art in the finest sense, and I strive to make sure that all of my clients have not just a new photo to display for the year, but a unique piece of art that you and your family will treasure for years to come.

Nicole, you really live up to your dream. I am inspired by your parents' graduation message to you too! Here goes the message: "find what you love doing, and then do it so well, that no one can take their eyes off of you." And now I am one of them who cannot take my eyes off your art work (beautiful and meaningful photography). Thanks for sharing your works on your online portfolio.

My dear blog readers, let's begin our day with this gorgeous featured wedding from Nicole Thomas Photography!

Happily married couple: Stephanie and Sean
Wedding date: 8-1-2009
Wedding venue: St. Ambrose Cathedral/Catholic Pastoral Center
Catering service: Christiani's Catering

A few notes from the bride:
I am lucky to have such a wonderful husband that was extremely supportive and involved in the wedding planning process; it definitely made our day more special.

A few notes from the groom:
Just sitting back and taking it all in was the highlight for me; I enjoyed every minute. As cheesy as it sounds, if I had to pick one highlight, it would be watching Stephanie in her gown. I could not take my eyes off of her the entire time.

Stephanie and Sean made up a lovely and cute couple, indeed! How nice to have your husband sharing the wedding planning process with you! Bravo!

The angle and artistic value of this picture is stunning. The background/wall looks like a natural photo frame for this picture. Isn't it pretty?

Beautiful church and people = Perfect match!

A different perspective of church interior from the lens of Nicole. Well done!

A traditional church wedding with a modern twist in serving the dessert of the day. It seems like miniature cakes/cupcake trees are gaining their popularity in the wedding trend nowadays. Are you going to have one for your wedding too?

I adore group photo with interesting color coordination (the chromatic effect). I wonder if this is Stephanie's something blue* for the wedding?
*English wedding tradition "something old, something new; something borrowed, something blue; and a silver sixpence in her shoe."

If you like Nicole's style and would like to engage her for your wedding day, you may visit her website and blog to find out more.

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Des Moines Wedding Photographer: Nuzum Photo

Today I am going to share with you a beautiful engagement session shot by husband-and-wife photographers, Steve and Ashley Nuzum from Nuzum Photo.
(Yes, they are based in Des Moines!)

What made these pictures stand out?
1. The waterfall and greenery as the background of the picture.
Natural green always look good in picture; with the waterfall, it creates spectacular effect to the picture (no more boring picture).
2. Colorful blooms.
This always work well in the picture. The more color palettes, the merrier for the picture. Another reason to love Spring!
3. Texture of a surface (a building or object for the picture).
Be it branches-covered (picture 3) or brick wall (picture 4); find something with obvious patterns rather than a blank white wall as your picture background. You will love it!

We were saying to find a background with great texture, did we? But why blank white wall for the following picture? This is an exception for finding a blank white wall to sit down, relax and enjoy the engagement photo shoot. And do not forget texture and color on fabric counts too (the lines on his shirt and color of her pants)! In this picture, the couple's outfits and their affections toward each other played a dominant role.

Thanks Steve and Ashley for sharing these beautiful pictures in your blog. Great job!

Hope you all have a great Wednesday!
I am heading out for some shopping. See you tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Des Moines Wedding Photographer: Huffaker Photography

I realized sources of most pictures I have posted in Yours Moment come from photographers based in West Coast. So it is always my interest to find out some talented photographers in the Midwest, starting from Des Moines.

Just as I am checking out some portfolios from Des Moines Photographers, I found this...engagement photo by
Clint and Christie Huffaker from Huffaker Photography.

This is so editorial! The groom-to-be looks charming and the bride-to-be is stylishly pretty!

Depending on your personal style, sometimes the theory
"less is more" is sufficient to spice up your engagement shoot - just like the one shown above.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday = Past Weekend Plan + Brian Khang Photography

Welcome back dear! How was your weekend anyway? Hope you had a relaxing one after all the Spring cleaning at home =)

As for me...I truly had a great time - a weekend packed with activities around Des Moines - a lovely quiet town in Midwest.

Since I hurt my neck last Wednesday and unable to go to the gym as we usually did on Saturday; my husband compensated me with a great new-release comedy movie by Jennifer Lopez and Alex O'Loughlin - The Back-Up Plan! I wanted to watch this movie ever since I first saw the movie preview few months ago. Although the review on this movie is not impressive, I personally think it is a good movie with well-written plot. As the story goes, you will realize many similarities in the relationships some of us have been through. To conclude our wonderful date night, we went to a local German Pub, Hessen Haus, and tried out some German dishes and of course, their extensive list of German beer. Everything was great. I highly recommend you to visit this place if you happen to stop by Des Moines next time!

Despite of cloudy day on Sunday, I treated myself for a golf course with my husband and two other friends of us. As first timer in golf course, I am pretty satisfied with my performance using my new-bought golf set (from my hubby) last Friday (thanks honey!). Although I did not reach par for any of all nine holes at the course, I did hit some nice strokes! I am so proud of myself!

Conclusion, do not underestimate how much more you can do in the small town!

Let's move on to today's e-session by Brian Khang, a wedding photographer based at Southern California.

I love the idea of bringing some props to your engagement session, especially something that ties the two of you together. It does not only spice up your engagement photos, but it also help to showcase your personality as a couple.

The engaged couple, Katherine and Alvin, had their love story recorded in Brian's blog. (By reading their love story, you will better understand why guitar is surrounding their engagement pictures.)

Congratulations to Katherine and Alvin!

Last but not least, do check out Brian's bio in his new blog!

Have a great Monday!

Friday, April 23, 2010

How About A Wedding Ceremony By The Beach?

The sun does not show up here in Des Moines, IA today; but that is okay because I have a beautiful beach wedding ceremony to share with you ^.*

No reason but somehow I like how the photo below turned out to be.

The setting is amazing! I wish I were one of the guests at this wedding!

Yet another beautiful shot of the day.

To view more pictures of this beach wedding, please visit Jessica Watson Photography website.

Hope you have a great weekend!