Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Last Minute & Yet A Lovely Christmas Present

In a blink of an eye, Christmas is just four days away! For those who are running out of time to do Christmas shopping for your aunts who love cooking, I came across this food gifts in a jar idea (via At Home with Kim Vallee) that you might be interested to making one!

Instead of baking cookies for your family and friends for the holidays, why not sharing your delicious cookies recipes with them and let them enjoy the baking process themselves? It is a simple and yet thoughtful Christmas gift for the foodies. Also, I personally think it is a creative way of sharing your favorite recipes (in a jar) with family and friends. Furthermore, you may customize the gift to accommodate each gift receiver's favorite recipe!

Preparing these edible gifts in a jar is not a daunting task at all (you may assign this task to your young children and guide them through). In fact, it can be done in simple, quick and easy three steps of preparation. Firstly, you will need to get the recipe (or you already have one in mind). Secondly, you will need to buy the ingredients, jar and decorative items (such as paper goods and ribbons). Then, layer each ingredients inside the jar and seal it with love! Voila, you have got lovely homemade Christmas gifts for your loved ones!

Are you preparing your Christmas gifts in jar too?

Photo Credits:
1. Cake mix from Food Network
2. Muffin mix from Kracoustics.com
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5. Hot cocoa from Emma's Paperie
6. Hot Chocolate from Paper & Cake

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