Monday, April 20, 2009

Outdoor Wedding Venue
~ Ciao Ristorante, Malaysia ~

I have been always looking for an outdoor wedding venue for my sister's upcoming wedding in 2010. Aha...I finally found one (well...this will not be the only one, I will still keep an eye on other outdoor wedding venues!) in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - CIAO RISTORANTE. Thanks to 'Jules Eating Guide to Malaysia', a blog created by Julian Si.

From the name , I am sure you are able to guess what kind of cuisine are they serving in their restaurant. [Tips from wikipedia: The word ciao is an informal Italian verbal greeting, meaning either "goodbye" or "hello".] Yes, that is it...It is an Italian Restaurant established since 1991. It is strategically located at a colonial bungalow along Jalan Tun Razak; with a serenity space, a large garden for all kind of functions (up to 210 persons for seated dining), and ample parking lots for its patrons and guests.

I love the setting of the venue very much, especially the romantic ambience at the garden. I am a "great ambience lover"! I will easily fall for places with beautiful setting, as well as their romantic ambience. I have created a collage based on photos taken from their portfolio online. It includes Ciao's garden entrance, garden walkway, fountain setting, tented events, decorations, and etc. Please see below.

However, I have no comment in terms of "foodie sensation", as I never tasted before (but I'll definitely drop by when I am back to KL for vacation next time!). For more about the food tasting part, feel free to drop by Julian's blog at =)

More details about Ciao:

428 Jalan Tun Razak,
50400 Kuala Lumpur.
03-9285 4827

Ciao's website

Enjoy, people!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Off-Premise Catering Services
-A Joy Wallace Catering Production & Design-

For brides and grooms who live in Miami, or those who would like to throw their wedding parties in Miami - here is an option of the off-site catering services for YOU!

A Joy Wallace Catering Production & Design Team (AJW)
Led by Ms. Joy Wallace.

They have been doing business in catering industry for almost 21 years! AJW was established in December 1, 1988 (wow...I was only 2-year-old by the time Ms. Wallace started her own business and growing to be one of the top caterers in South Florida).

Today, AJW is not only an outstanding catering icon in Miami, but it has expanded to helping couples/companies plan their special occasions. In addition to catering service, talents in wedding planning, event production, and floral design are also recruited to join the team.

Here is part of their outstanding clients list:
Hearst Magazines
University of Miami
Former Presidents Bush, Clinton and Reagan

Photo credit: A Joy Wallace Catering Production & Design Team

To view more of their recent portfolios, visit their website at or

A Joy Wallace Catering Production & Design Team
8501 SW 129th Terrace
Miami, FL 33156

Contact form

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wedding Photo Shooting, Ceremonies, and Receptions
HOTSPOT in MIAMI - Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

I just came back from a long-weekend vacation at Miami, Florida. It is truly a rejuvenating and relaxing break. Beautiful scenery, refreshing air, nice beaches, and wonderful people. I just love it!

photo credit: Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, website

My first spot at Miami was Vizcaya Museum and Gardens which belongs to Miami-Dade County, just a few minutes away from downtown Miami. The attraction spot is amazing and well known as one of the United States National Historic Landmarks. It consists of a main house (showcases European arts, interior designs, and its architecture), 10-acre gardens, and a hardwood hammock. No wonder there were so many brides who would like to capture their special moments with a stunning Vizcaya garden as the background.

For those who are considering a nice, historic backdrop for their wedding albums, this is a great place for your wedding photo shoot. For a group of six (including your professional photographer), you will only need to pay $125 plus 7% sales tax to get the photography permit from Vizcaya. However, in order to protect its delicate arts and decorations in the main house from flashlight exposure, your party is only permitted to take photographs in the garden only. For more information with regards to photography permit, you are welcome to contact Jessica Aguilar at or (305) 860-8421.

Well...some brides and grooms might be fallen in love with outdoor ceremonies and receptions, especially the garden-styled wedding, this is the right place for your upcoming weddings.

photo credit: Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, website

The Mound at Vizcaya is a popular spot for couples to exchange their vows (love messages). For a Daytime Garden Ceremony at the Mound (up to 25 persons at the ceremony), you pay $1000 plus 7% sales tax to rent the spot. Besides that, Vizcaya Gardens is also available for rent during evening hours. Evening rentals entitled you to a larger party (125 persons and up) and guests have exclusive use of the inner courtyard, outside terraces, and gardens. Base fee for evening rentals between 6:30pm to 11:00pm varied on Weekdays, Friday, and Weekends. For an evening event on Monday to Thursday, you will only need to pay $7500. Whereas, the fee spikes up to $12, 500 for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evening ceremonies/receptions. What a huge difference between days ($5000)?!! Way to save money to splurge on some other elements in a wedding - Plan a Weekday Wedding Day! For more information, please kindly contact Adrienne Kaiser at or (305) 860-8448.

photo credit: Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, website

Afterall, it is YOUR DAY, it worths spending more time searching for a place that truly represents the two of you. If you need some guidance, Yours Moment is always here for you =)


Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Beautiful DIY Flowers + Affordable Budget
Beautiful Art Works @ Low Cost

It's Spring! What else is better than beautiful blossoms to represent the lovely season? Flowers not only brighten up your day, but their pleasing aromas can also calm you down after a hard working day or the most stressful and yet happiest day in your life - Yes, it's your wedding day!

Flowers are something that can't be eliminated from your wedding checklist. Flowers can either dramatize your lavish wedding or to dress up your small-scale intimate wedding nicely. However, it is kind of costly to dress up your entire wedding decorations using all real flowers. Cost of hiring a professional floral designer to decorate your wedding could go from a few hundreds to a few thousands dollars. Wow, that's a huge amount from your pocket! Ouch!

If you are truly a flowers lover and you will not satisfy to celebrate your special moment without the companion of flowers, what can you do to get rid of the expensive bills?

There are a few options such as
1. Choose in-season flowers, so that you can save some money to import the selected flowers from other places.
2. Minimize flower usage and complete the decor by using candles. Candles create romantic feel especially in the dim light room.
3. What's in season? What's the hit in Spring 2009? It's the {Paper Flowers Arrangement}!!

Let us focus on {Paper Flowers Arrangement} today.

A touch of creativity, inspirations, and sacrificing every afternoon on weekends leading up to your wedding day to create splendid artworks on your own without breaking the bank! Who knows you are a talented artist behind the scene?! Even if you are not, simple steps and tools as seen on the newest issue of Martha Stewart Wedding Magazine (Spring 2009) - BIG BLOOMS ON SMALL BUDGET, prove that DIY Paper Flower is not hard at all! Inspiring? Get a copy of your Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine =)

Not a big DIY fan?
That's alright...If you have the budget, there is always a talented floral designer readily to dress up your wedding with their artworks! Eloise Corr Danch, a talented freelance artist resides in New York City, can lend you a pair of hand!

Macy's Annual Flowers Show @ New York flagship at Herald Square is showcasing Eloise's elaborate paper artworks. Over 2,500 handmade paper blooms comprising of long, swirling garlands and 20 beautifully decorated headgears are dominating 23 windows at Macy's New York flagship.

Here are some of her brilliant, eye-catchy paper sculptures at Macy's:

Do not set a limit for your unlimited imagination...Let it wander and give you the inspiration to dress up your upcoming wedding! That's always YOURS MOMENT.

Happy Reading!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

I believe every girl dreams of their ideal wedding since young. What's the most profound 'thing' for all princesses?
It's dressing up like a true princess of the day - The Power of Wedding Gown!

Here are some of the popular silhouettes for the modern wedding gowns:
1. Ball Gown
2. Classic A-line
3. Empire

4. Mermaid
5. Sheath

Let's discuss each of the silhouette listed above.

1. Ball Gown

This silhouette is classical and formal - to create dramatic 'Cinderella Prom Night'.
It composed of a fitted corset-style bodice which usually ends at the waist or just below, and finishing the look with a very full, floor-length skirt.

This silhouette is suitable for:
Formal weddings (E.g.: Black tie sit-down reception)

This silhouette looks flattering on:
Most brides, especially full-figured and petite brides
It has dual functions for small and large hips brides. It is good at hiding larger hips, as well as to create a curvy look for brides with narrow hips.

Not the first choice for:
Brides with short waist; unless a dropped-waist bodice is chosen. It creates the hour-glass look and minimizes short waist.

2. Classic A-line (A.K.A. Princess Style)

This silhouette is very similar to Empire style. However, both silhouettes flare out at different points. Empire silhouette starts with a fitted bust line and flares out from just beneath the bust line down to the ground. Whereas, A-line silhouette hugs your upper body tightly as it flares out into an 'A' shape skirt right below your natural waist. It elongates your torso and hides your heavy bottom very well.

This silhouette is suitable for:
Any level of formality (E.g.: Black tie sit-down reception or intimate garden wedding)

This silhouette looks flattering on:
All brides, especially full-figured brides
*Be wise in choosing the right fabric for your A-line gown! Heavier fabric such as bridal satin, does not cling on your body, but falls down naturally and cover your lower half very well.

Not the right choice for:

3. Empire

This silhouette creates a mysterious goddess look for your big day that will blow your man as well as your guests away! The high-waisted, long flowing skirt skim your midsection and camouflage wide hips. In addition, it helps to add a few inches taller for petite brides by creating a high waistline just beneath the bust line.

This silhouette is suitable for:
Any level of formality (E.g.: Black tie sit-down reception or an intimate garden wedding)

This silhouette looks flattering on:
Apple- and Pear-shaped brides, as well as petite brides

Not the first choice for:
Brides with brilliant curves to show off on their special day

4. Mermaid

This silhouette is elegant and yet sophisticated, it goes step father than Sheath (will be discussed later) - to create a tighter and curvaceous look. It hugs your body tightly from top down to your knees and flares down to hemline, exactly like a mermaid's tail. [That's why this silhouette named as MERMAID]

This silhouette is suitable for:
Formal and informal wedding (E.g.: Black tie sit-down reception or beach wedding)

This silhouette looks flattering on:
Very confident bride who is proud to show off every curve of her body

Not the first choice for:
Brides who are not comfortable revealing their curves

5. Sheath

This silhouette is simple and yet elegant.
It hugs your curves softly, accentuates your torso, waist and hips - to create slim and sexy silhouette to the body.

This silhouette is suitable for:
Casual, intimate weddings (E.g.: beach or other destination weddings)

This silhouette looks flattering on:
Petite and well-proportioned brides
Tall and thin brides

Not the first choice for:
Brides with larger lower bodies. This silhouette may not be able to hide your wide hips, unless you use heavier fabric that is less form fitting.

Wedding Attire and Aesthetics, QC Wedding Planner Book
Wedding Dress Styles: Flatter YOUR Figure with the Dress Dictionary;
Choosing a silhouette for your wedding gown;
Empire Waist: Ideal Wedding Dress: For the Perfect Figure Flattering Style Look for This Design;
Celebrity Weddings;

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Hi! I am Rachel Tan from Yours Moment. Thanks for stopping by Yours Moment live journal. I started this blog in April 2009 as a way to share my thoughts in planning a wedding truly belongs to yours (Yours Moment). I am a certified International Wedding Planning Professional, graduated from QC School of Wedding Planning in December 2008.

I am a fashion production assistant at New York Fashion District. As a fashion production assistant, attentive to details is essential. I have trained to pay attention to every single production in line, as well as to track the timeliness of every production. Failure to adhere to the production time line causes delay in deliveries as well as to put a company's reputation in danger.

Detail-oriented, Organized.
These values are important to planning a wedding as well. No matter how grand or intimate, how formal or informal your wedding is; you want to keep everything on track, including on time (Timing) and on budget (Financially). You want to make sure your special day leaves sweet memories (truly Yours Moment) to share for years, without breaking your bank.

In Yours Moment journal, we will look into all wedding-related issues, from fashion to planning the wedding. You are welcome to suggest topics that you would like to hear from Yours Moment. You may also leave your personal opinions to Yours Moment. Do not hesitate to email me at yoursmoment {at} gmail {dot} com. I would love to hear from you, everyone! Also, I would love to build relationships with everyone in the wedding industry, so let's get in touch!