Saturday, April 04, 2009


Hi! I am Rachel Tan from Yours Moment. Thanks for stopping by Yours Moment live journal. I started this blog in April 2009 as a way to share my thoughts in planning a wedding truly belongs to yours (Yours Moment). I am a certified International Wedding Planning Professional, graduated from QC School of Wedding Planning in December 2008.

I am a fashion production assistant at New York Fashion District. As a fashion production assistant, attentive to details is essential. I have trained to pay attention to every single production in line, as well as to track the timeliness of every production. Failure to adhere to the production time line causes delay in deliveries as well as to put a company's reputation in danger.

Detail-oriented, Organized.
These values are important to planning a wedding as well. No matter how grand or intimate, how formal or informal your wedding is; you want to keep everything on track, including on time (Timing) and on budget (Financially). You want to make sure your special day leaves sweet memories (truly Yours Moment) to share for years, without breaking your bank.

In Yours Moment journal, we will look into all wedding-related issues, from fashion to planning the wedding. You are welcome to suggest topics that you would like to hear from Yours Moment. You may also leave your personal opinions to Yours Moment. Do not hesitate to email me at yoursmoment {at} gmail {dot} com. I would love to hear from you, everyone! Also, I would love to build relationships with everyone in the wedding industry, so let's get in touch!

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