Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wedding Photo Shooting, Ceremonies, and Receptions
HOTSPOT in MIAMI - Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

I just came back from a long-weekend vacation at Miami, Florida. It is truly a rejuvenating and relaxing break. Beautiful scenery, refreshing air, nice beaches, and wonderful people. I just love it!

photo credit: Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, website

My first spot at Miami was Vizcaya Museum and Gardens which belongs to Miami-Dade County, just a few minutes away from downtown Miami. The attraction spot is amazing and well known as one of the United States National Historic Landmarks. It consists of a main house (showcases European arts, interior designs, and its architecture), 10-acre gardens, and a hardwood hammock. No wonder there were so many brides who would like to capture their special moments with a stunning Vizcaya garden as the background.

For those who are considering a nice, historic backdrop for their wedding albums, this is a great place for your wedding photo shoot. For a group of six (including your professional photographer), you will only need to pay $125 plus 7% sales tax to get the photography permit from Vizcaya. However, in order to protect its delicate arts and decorations in the main house from flashlight exposure, your party is only permitted to take photographs in the garden only. For more information with regards to photography permit, you are welcome to contact Jessica Aguilar at or (305) 860-8421.

Well...some brides and grooms might be fallen in love with outdoor ceremonies and receptions, especially the garden-styled wedding, this is the right place for your upcoming weddings.

photo credit: Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, website

The Mound at Vizcaya is a popular spot for couples to exchange their vows (love messages). For a Daytime Garden Ceremony at the Mound (up to 25 persons at the ceremony), you pay $1000 plus 7% sales tax to rent the spot. Besides that, Vizcaya Gardens is also available for rent during evening hours. Evening rentals entitled you to a larger party (125 persons and up) and guests have exclusive use of the inner courtyard, outside terraces, and gardens. Base fee for evening rentals between 6:30pm to 11:00pm varied on Weekdays, Friday, and Weekends. For an evening event on Monday to Thursday, you will only need to pay $7500. Whereas, the fee spikes up to $12, 500 for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evening ceremonies/receptions. What a huge difference between days ($5000)?!! Way to save money to splurge on some other elements in a wedding - Plan a Weekday Wedding Day! For more information, please kindly contact Adrienne Kaiser at or (305) 860-8448.

photo credit: Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, website

Afterall, it is YOUR DAY, it worths spending more time searching for a place that truly represents the two of you. If you need some guidance, Yours Moment is always here for you =)



  1. Hello Rachel,

    So pleased to read that you enjoyed your visit to Vizcaya. I work for Joy Wallace Catering Production and Design. We run the cafe and gift shop at the Museum as well as have the privilege to throw many a beautiful event in such a magical setting. In fact, the photos that you have displayed are events we produced in 2004.

    •Ceremony on the mound was from The Mitchell Wedding in May of 2004
    •Courtyard Seated Dinner is from The Serta Dinner in May of 2004
    •East Terrace Seated Dinner is from The Travel One Dinner in January of 2004

    If you would like to view more current photos of events we have done on the property, please visit our website

    Hope you come back and visit us soon

  2. Thank you so much for your detail explanation on events organized by Joy Wallace Catering Production and Design, back in 2004.

    I am thrilled to hear from you and I have to agree with your statement that Vizcaya is a magical setting. It is a natural beautiful backdrop for either photo shooting, wedding ceremony or as a dinner setting for any special occasion.

    With your professional services, it makes every event in there even prettier!

    I will definitely visit your website more often for many creative settings and photos! Hereby, I wish everyone at Joy Wallace Catering Production and Design a good year ahead!

    Once again, thanks for stopping by Yours Moment blog. Hope you will be back soon =)

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