Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Beautiful DIY Flowers + Affordable Budget
Beautiful Art Works @ Low Cost

It's Spring! What else is better than beautiful blossoms to represent the lovely season? Flowers not only brighten up your day, but their pleasing aromas can also calm you down after a hard working day or the most stressful and yet happiest day in your life - Yes, it's your wedding day!

Flowers are something that can't be eliminated from your wedding checklist. Flowers can either dramatize your lavish wedding or to dress up your small-scale intimate wedding nicely. However, it is kind of costly to dress up your entire wedding decorations using all real flowers. Cost of hiring a professional floral designer to decorate your wedding could go from a few hundreds to a few thousands dollars. Wow, that's a huge amount from your pocket! Ouch!

If you are truly a flowers lover and you will not satisfy to celebrate your special moment without the companion of flowers, what can you do to get rid of the expensive bills?

There are a few options such as
1. Choose in-season flowers, so that you can save some money to import the selected flowers from other places.
2. Minimize flower usage and complete the decor by using candles. Candles create romantic feel especially in the dim light room.
3. What's in season? What's the hit in Spring 2009? It's the {Paper Flowers Arrangement}!!

Let us focus on {Paper Flowers Arrangement} today.

A touch of creativity, inspirations, and sacrificing every afternoon on weekends leading up to your wedding day to create splendid artworks on your own without breaking the bank! Who knows you are a talented artist behind the scene?! Even if you are not, simple steps and tools as seen on the newest issue of Martha Stewart Wedding Magazine (Spring 2009) - BIG BLOOMS ON SMALL BUDGET, prove that DIY Paper Flower is not hard at all! Inspiring? Get a copy of your Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine =)

Not a big DIY fan?
That's alright...If you have the budget, there is always a talented floral designer readily to dress up your wedding with their artworks! Eloise Corr Danch, a talented freelance artist resides in New York City, can lend you a pair of hand!

Macy's Annual Flowers Show @ New York flagship at Herald Square is showcasing Eloise's elaborate paper artworks. Over 2,500 handmade paper blooms comprising of long, swirling garlands and 20 beautifully decorated headgears are dominating 23 windows at Macy's New York flagship.

Here are some of her brilliant, eye-catchy paper sculptures at Macy's:

Do not set a limit for your unlimited imagination...Let it wander and give you the inspiration to dress up your upcoming wedding! That's always YOURS MOMENT.

Happy Reading!


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