Saturday, January 30, 2010

Happy Weekend!

Time passes in a blink of an eye and I will be leaving NY onto my next destination - Des Moines, IA very soon...counting down to 2.8.10!

Before swinging into Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year mood for the next two weeks, I would like to share with you some of the pictures from the proposal & couple shoot. Thank you so much to Christi for all the brilliant candid photographs!

(You may refer to Randy & Rachel's Engagement and A Big Leap in Life blog posts.)

Happy Weekend to you!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Inspiration from Real Weddings Friday

Happy Friday, everyone!
How are you doing today?

No matter how busy or boring you are; you are going to love this organic-inspired wedding reception of a couple (Louisa and John) which was designed by event planner Beth Helmstetter. This wedding was also featured on Hostess with the Mostess back in 2008.

Elements of the day:
  • Organic Russian Linen in Wheat Color
  • Pine Cones as Place Card Holders
  • Fresh Flower filled Bark Centerpieces
  • Old Tree Stump as Cake Holder
  • Fresh Herbs adorned Napkins
  • Food: All Fresh & Organic Ingredients from Local Community

If you like this wedding reception and would like to plan a similar organic-inspired party, please visit Hostess with the Mostess event planning blog for more tips for your home celebrations.

Signing off for the week (and also next week!).

I will be back on Feb 1, 2010 with Chinese New Year (1st week of February) and Valentine's Celebration (2nd week of February) Series. Stay tune and I hope you have wonderful days in January 2010!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Epicurean Wednesday

What is your first impression of organic food?
For me, it is food available in Whole Foods Market. Okay, it is inaccurate (since Whole Foods Market offers non-organic food too), but that is the image that appears to my attention when we talk about organic food.

According to Organic Food
Organic food is crops and animals produced and fed with natural food and without the use of chemical additives.

What is good about serving organic dishes at wedding reception? Why some couples choose to serve organic luncheon or dinner?

Here are some reasons:

1. People are conscious about the health
of not only human being, but also the planet.
2. Organic food has no chemical substances, no
pesticides, and no synthetic fertilizers added - Healthier.
3. To help small farmers improve
their living standard.
4. To lessen the emission of carbon dioxide from vehicles (shorter delivery route, mostly locally grown, and near to you).

So where to start when you have decided to make a contribution to save the planet by serving organic food on your wedding day? - - - Whole Food Market Catering!

Whole Foods Market Catering in Austin provides full-service catering and event planning. They cater for any size and scale - be it business meetings, weddings, galas, open houses, holiday parties or any other special occasion. On top of catering, they also offer event planning such as delivery and set-up, chef-attended food
stations, professional servers and bartenders, rentals (tents, linens, china, furniture, and etc.), floral, lighting, photography, and entertainment.

To learn more about their catering and event
planning services, visit their website.

Whole Foods Market Culinary Center (Outdoor Plaza)

Happy Planning, my dear brides/grooms-to-be!
Do come back on Friday for
the "Natural and Organic-inspired Wedding Reception" designed by event planner, Beth Helmstetter, as featured in Hostess with the Mostess Blog ^.*

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Perfect Blooms & Decor Tuesday

  • Think it is wasteful to use a large amount of flowers for wedding decorations?
Absolutely not. You can always donate the floral arrangement at your wedding to local nursery centers. Also, you may make full use of your bridesmaid bouquets by rearranging them in vases as centerpieces at the reception. Yet another option is to double the wedding favors as centerpieces or replace the use of place cards! Just like the following wedding:

Green Wedding Favor: Terra Cotta Pots with Herbs

  • Think it costs more for organic flowers?
Probably not. Farmers market is a good place to start your research. Often times, the purveyors at the market are the owners of the farms/orchards and you should be able to negotiate a good deal with them when you are buying in bulk (even if you do not buy in bulk, you can still negotiate a slight price deduction from them! Never ask, never know!).

Because they (flowers) are locally grown, you may pick up the flowers on your own and eliminate the extra delivery fees. Saving you another hundred bucks! ^.*

  • Are you concern about having an environmental-friendly wedding?
Get flowers from local farmers who cultivate the plants naturally without pesticides and any synthetic fertilizers.

While doing the research, I found this online florist, Organic Bouquet, who cares about environmental, social, and economic sustainability. It putting every effort to improving the life of organic growers and protecting the environment for generations to come.

Here are some of the organic bouquets, wreaths, and potted plants from
Organic Bouquet:

A small change/modification on traditional items (wedding flowers and favors) makes a difference to the planet.

Are you doing your part to living greener and save the world?

Monday, January 18, 2010

Fashionista Monday


Does going green make sense to you? Do you buy daily fruits and vegetables from your local farmers market? Do you bring your own recycle bag for grocery shopping? Do you get around by taking public transportation and reduce the carbon dioxide in the city?

I personally love visiting Union Square farmers market in NYC. No matter how...I will try my best to stop by the market for some locally grown fruits, vegetables, and of course, my favorite no-sugar added oatmeal cookies once every two weeks! Maybe it is just me, I think it is healthier and fresher with less chemicals on food that I consume everyday. So this farmers market is definitely the place I will miss the most when I move to Des Moines a month later.

For brides/grooms-to-be who concern about saving the planet, why not to start your newlywed life with a greener lifestyle and incorporate that into your big day? A green wedding is not necessary to cost you more. It could be cheaper than what you think it is because you are buying flowers in season and serving food that grown locally (and less transportation).

I love the idea of going green! And I will be showing you some organic wedding dresses, flowers, food, and an organic-inspired affair right here this week.

So let's kick start our green week with some styles (using organic fabrics)!

1. A strapless silk mesh gown by Wai Ching

2. A heart-shaped "tropunto" embroidered corset bejeweled with pearls and crystals gown by Gwendolyn Gleason Couture

3. An embroidered corset with princess bustle skirt gown by Gwendolyn Gleason Couture

Happy Monday!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Inspiration from Real Weddings Friday

Can't wait for the sunny and warmer weekend in New York City!

The eagerness goes the same to this very colorful wedding I am going to show you today which I found on Johnathan Canlas Photography Blog last weekend. Three catchy spots about this wedding that made me fell in love with the pictures again and again.

Vibrant Colors, Vibrant People, & Vibrant Energy
(Nina & Russell's Wedding at Los Angeles, CA by Johnathan Canlas Photography)

Feeling nervous on your wedding day? Why not to have a glass of your favorite wine to calm down a little (just like what the bride, Nina, did!)?

Go Moroccan! Colorful cushion on rows of benches and the classic cutout metal lantern!

Are you considered yourself as a non-traditional bride? Go a different route (vintage-y) and prepare a typewriter for your guests to type out their wishes for the newlywed!

Here you go: the vibrant colors and people! The happy spirit lingered around the wedding.

Here come the bride and her parents. So lovely!

Long wooden tables and chairs, love it! A nice piece for both outdoor and indoor weddings.

Serving finger food is always my first choice at the wedding! It gives the newlywed more time to hang out with their family and friends. Nice touch on the wedding ^.*

Congratulations to Nina & Russell! Thanks for sharing such a beautiful wedding with us today. Johnathan Canlas, you did a very good job on Nina & Russell's wedding!

Coincidentally, this wedding is also posted on Snippet and Ink Blog yesterday too! The blogger, Katherine, has a story from the bride to share you today.

Alright, I am officially signing off for the rest of this week! Welcome my lovely sunny Saturday! See you all on Monday =)