Saturday, January 09, 2010

Things I Learned & Shall Learn

The satisfaction of getting everything (you have planned) to be done in the exact same way as you dreamed of is great and very fulfilling. However, small things can go wrong no matter how many times you have double checked and made sure everything is alright. A perfectionist like me should learn when to let go the perfect ten and give credit to the imperfection that compliments the result. (This is also a reminder/advice given by my host mom a few days before our wedding ceremony and I think this is very true. Thanks for sharing, mom!)

Things that I learned and shall continue learning and improving.

Visualize the big picture before
going into the details
Often time, a perfectionist pays too much attention into the details until he/she forgets about having the big picture of the result beforehand. (This is something that
my husband brought to my attention. I appreciate your friendly reminder, Randy.)

Would you be able to move onto the details such as wedding theme, theme color combo, color of the table cloth and centerpieces at your wedding reception, IF you have not decided on the formality of your reception?

My thoughts/opinion for question above:
Before going into the details of the reception, you have to know what you kind of celebration you are looking for (e.g.: formality of the wedding reception; be it formal sit-down dinner, buffet-style dinner, or cocktail party). Once you have nailed down the formality of the celebration, it will
make your life easier to plan the details of the event.

For example, you have decided to have a backyard party that serve finger-food, fruit punch, and a dessert bar (small intimate laid-back
party). You may now let your creativity go wild and celebrate the joy in your own style! I found a few backyard parties on the web and would like to share with you.

Casual laid-back backyard party by Good Housekeeping

Bold color backyard party for young couples by Camille Styles Events

A summery feel backyard party by Real Simple, via

Lavishly elaborated backyard party as seen in Town and Country Event Rentals

Every single minute throughout the planning is precious, you would not want to waste time doing something that you realized you actually do not need it for the reception at the end of the day (lack of efficiency). Especially busy brides and grooms today, you want to fully utilize your time and resources. So let's visualize the end result and then work backward into the details to beautify your big picture!

from my host parents (for newlyweds):
The 2 C's: Compromise & Communication


From my host dad: You don't have to win the conversation every time; but you are going to understand each other and work things out together.
That is so true (I seriously need to horn my skill in this area)! Everyone comes from their very unique background, no two persons with the exact same personality (that is also what makes the conversation more interesting). When two persons come together (in a marriage), they will have to learn to accept the other's strengths and weaknesses. The weaknesses should not be a barrier to happy marriage; they should conquer their weaknesses and search for solutions that will enhance their marriage life together.

Face the challenge + Compromise with each other = Happy Ending (Happy Marriage)


From my host mom: A good communication is one of the prerequisites for a good marriage.
I agree! In fact, a good communication works in everywhere from workplace to family. Know what you say and mind your words. Always respect each other and never let your emotion takes control of you.

Good communication + Respect = Good Marriage

Happy Weekend!


  1. Hey it's a wonderful post on what's important in a marriage! It's often not easy because we're all emotional beings that would do stupid things once in a while, so I think it's also crucial to learn how to forgive and not sweat over small stuffs.

    A good question to ask yourself before you let your emotions take over: Is it important? Often times, the relationship is way more important than the temporary burst of anger or frustration.

    Ken Siew

  2. (Ken) True. Great mind does not sweat over small stuffs!

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