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So what have we prepared for Fashionista Monday this week?
It is about how to accessorize your wedding look without exceed the limit of
blink school. Most girls like to put on accessories whenever they have an outing with family and friends, this is no exception on their wedding day. They want to be the shiniest star on their big day. The tricky part is what considered as enough and appropriate to compliment your beautiful wedding gown?

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I found the following article by Cori Russell where she shares her tips to not overdone but don with the right amount and type of accessories to compliment your wedding day look.

Bridal Jewelry - How to Accessorize Your Wedding Day Look
by Cori Russell

OK ladies, here's music to your ears (and neck, and wrist)... now that you've got your wedding dress, it's time to accessorize it! There's no doubt about it, the right baubles perfect your wedding ensemble. Here's what you need to know to accessorize like a pro.


1. Keep it Simple

Before the fun begins, please heed this advice. When it comes to your bridal jewelry, less really is more. Simple jewelry makes a timeless fashion statement; overdo it and you risk a phone call from Diddy asking for his bling back.

2. Formality Rules
Along with all other accessories, the bride's jewelry should reflect the formality of the wedding celebration. A small, informal wedding calls for simple jewelry, while a large, formal wedding calls for more elaborate pieces.

3. Complement the Gown
Wedding dress style also plays a major roll in jewelry selection. As a general rule - the more detailing on the gown, the simpler the jewelry, while a simple dress calls for added embellishment.

4. Let Your Neckline Lead the Way
Your dress neckline will guide you towards what pieces and styles you'll wear. Many gowns are strapless or have low necklines, which is a perfect style to showcase a great necklace. If your gown has a high neckline, you may want to forego the necklace and concentrate on finding the perfect earrings.

5. Make It You
Above all, wedding day duds should reflect your personal style. So stick to studs if you've never worn chandeliers, and if you've never left the house without your favorite strand of pearls - around your neck is where they should be when you say "I do."

Pick Your Metals:
The shade of your wedding dress will guide you to which metals work best:
  • If your dress is white - choose platinum or silver jewelry, as yellow gold may clash with stark white.
  • If your dress is off-white - either gold or silver/platinum will work.
  • If your dress is ivory - the slightly yellowish undertones call for gold jewelry.

Pick Your Gems:
1. Pearls - A Classic Choice
The tradition of pearl bridal jewelry stems back to the ancient Greeks, who believed pearls promoted marital harmony. And of course, style icon Jackie O donned a strand the day she became Mrs. Kennedy, further cementing pearls as the refined gem of choice for brides everywhere.

2. Diamonds - The BFF of Jewelry
Diamonds didn't get their "girl's best friend" status for nothing. They're always good to add a touch of sparkle to your wedding dress. The good news for your wallet is that faux varieties work just as well.

3. Add Some Color
Of course, colored stones/gems present a great way to incorporate some color into your wedding day look, so don't shy away from blues, pinks, yellows - you name it.

Pick Your Pieces:
1. Necklaces

  • The Choker
The classic choker features one to three strands worn close around the neck. This length works well with a jewel or bateau neckline, as it may get lost if too much skin is showing.
  • The Collar
This Victorian style consists of three or more strands fitting securely around the middle neck. This length is a great accent to a low or strapless neckline.
  • The Princess
This length falls about 16 inches to the hollow of the neck and often supports a pendant. This style works with almost any but a high neckline.
  • The Matinee
This style hits the top of the bust and looks great with a bateau, jewel, or a lower neckline with sheer fabric covering the decolletage area.
  • The Opera
The opera necklace is a long single strand falling below the bust. It creates a dramatic look when paired with a very high neckline.

2. Earrings
Keep your earrings simple if your necklace is especially large or grand. You also may not want to wear earrings at all if you're wearing a tiara - as the two may compete. On the other hand - if you're going sans necklace, consider highlighting your look with elaborate earrings. Remember, the key to accessorizing is balance.

3. Deck your Wrist?
Although not as common as necklaces and earrings, brides can wear a bracelet with sleeveless, short-sleeve, and three-quarter sleeve gowns. However, a watch is best left at home on your wedding day unless it's a family heirloom or antique.

Originally published on for Cori Russell
Thursday, July 09, 2009

Article Source:
Bridal Jewelry - How to Accessorize Your Wedding Day Look

Article above was written by Cori Russell, editor for (a complete wedding planning resource with a nationwide directory of wedding vendors) and Gala Weddings Magazine.

I hope the article would be able to give you an idea of what is enough and appropriate to look as great on your wedding day. You are always the brightest star on your wedding day.

When less matters the most,

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