Friday, January 15, 2010

Inspiration from Real Weddings Friday

Can't wait for the sunny and warmer weekend in New York City!

The eagerness goes the same to this very colorful wedding I am going to show you today which I found on Johnathan Canlas Photography Blog last weekend. Three catchy spots about this wedding that made me fell in love with the pictures again and again.

Vibrant Colors, Vibrant People, & Vibrant Energy
(Nina & Russell's Wedding at Los Angeles, CA by Johnathan Canlas Photography)

Feeling nervous on your wedding day? Why not to have a glass of your favorite wine to calm down a little (just like what the bride, Nina, did!)?

Go Moroccan! Colorful cushion on rows of benches and the classic cutout metal lantern!

Are you considered yourself as a non-traditional bride? Go a different route (vintage-y) and prepare a typewriter for your guests to type out their wishes for the newlywed!

Here you go: the vibrant colors and people! The happy spirit lingered around the wedding.

Here come the bride and her parents. So lovely!

Long wooden tables and chairs, love it! A nice piece for both outdoor and indoor weddings.

Serving finger food is always my first choice at the wedding! It gives the newlywed more time to hang out with their family and friends. Nice touch on the wedding ^.*

Congratulations to Nina & Russell! Thanks for sharing such a beautiful wedding with us today. Johnathan Canlas, you did a very good job on Nina & Russell's wedding!

Coincidentally, this wedding is also posted on Snippet and Ink Blog yesterday too! The blogger, Katherine, has a story from the bride to share you today.

Alright, I am officially signing off for the rest of this week! Welcome my lovely sunny Saturday! See you all on Monday =)

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