Friday, January 22, 2010

Inspiration from Real Weddings Friday

Happy Friday, everyone!
How are you doing today?

No matter how busy or boring you are; you are going to love this organic-inspired wedding reception of a couple (Louisa and John) which was designed by event planner Beth Helmstetter. This wedding was also featured on Hostess with the Mostess back in 2008.

Elements of the day:
  • Organic Russian Linen in Wheat Color
  • Pine Cones as Place Card Holders
  • Fresh Flower filled Bark Centerpieces
  • Old Tree Stump as Cake Holder
  • Fresh Herbs adorned Napkins
  • Food: All Fresh & Organic Ingredients from Local Community

If you like this wedding reception and would like to plan a similar organic-inspired party, please visit Hostess with the Mostess event planning blog for more tips for your home celebrations.

Signing off for the week (and also next week!).

I will be back on Feb 1, 2010 with Chinese New Year (1st week of February) and Valentine's Celebration (2nd week of February) Series. Stay tune and I hope you have wonderful days in January 2010!


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  2. Great to hear some feedback from Yours Moment readers. Thank you for stopping by!