Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Perfect Blooms & Decor Tuesday

  • Think it is wasteful to use a large amount of flowers for wedding decorations?
Absolutely not. You can always donate the floral arrangement at your wedding to local nursery centers. Also, you may make full use of your bridesmaid bouquets by rearranging them in vases as centerpieces at the reception. Yet another option is to double the wedding favors as centerpieces or replace the use of place cards! Just like the following wedding:

Green Wedding Favor: Terra Cotta Pots with Herbs

  • Think it costs more for organic flowers?
Probably not. Farmers market is a good place to start your research. Often times, the purveyors at the market are the owners of the farms/orchards and you should be able to negotiate a good deal with them when you are buying in bulk (even if you do not buy in bulk, you can still negotiate a slight price deduction from them! Never ask, never know!).

Because they (flowers) are locally grown, you may pick up the flowers on your own and eliminate the extra delivery fees. Saving you another hundred bucks! ^.*

  • Are you concern about having an environmental-friendly wedding?
Get flowers from local farmers who cultivate the plants naturally without pesticides and any synthetic fertilizers.

While doing the research, I found this online florist, Organic Bouquet, who cares about environmental, social, and economic sustainability. It putting every effort to improving the life of organic growers and protecting the environment for generations to come.

Here are some of the organic bouquets, wreaths, and potted plants from
Organic Bouquet:

A small change/modification on traditional items (wedding flowers and favors) makes a difference to the planet.

Are you doing your part to living greener and save the world?


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