Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Perfect Blooms & Decor Tuesday

Almost every wedding planning website has talked about how convenience and cost-effective to decorate your wedding with floating candles centerpieces. It is beautiful, luminous and inexpensive way to wow your wedding guests.

But do you know that not all candles work as floating candles?
I found an article written by pkfzone in hubpages.com, the writer tells us what kind of candles work for floating candle centerpieces.

Here is what he wrote in the article:
Floating candles are small candles, (generally the size of a votive candle or at least fit securely in the palm of your hand - usually 2 - 3 inches in diameter), made to float in a container of water while lit.

They have broader top surfaces than their rounded bottoms so that they can float better, won't tip over and have their flame extinguished.

Based on my own experience while trying to create the floating candle decor piece for the wedding ceremony on New Year Day, votive candles as shown in the picture below won't work for sure! Oh my...I should have read the article by pkfzone or maybe study some kind of physics before heading out to Wal-Mart and get those votive candles!

With limited time (it was new year eve...and most stores closed early that day) and the urge to fully utilize the resource I have in hand (not being wasteful), I ended up with a "half-floated" candle decor. I had my friends filled up varies heights of cylinder glasses* with water, so only half the height of the candle is covered and made sure it won't tip over.

As for another tall cylinder glass with larger diameter, I had it filled with water and a few small tea light candles instead. The result was GREAT and I love it! (Our ceremony photos are not available yet, I will show you the picture later on.)

Now that you knew which candle works and which is not, you are ready to create floating candle centerpieces that are uniquely yours based on your personal preference, creativity, and wedding theme (if you have one)!

Floral Floating Candles by 100candles.com

Leaves Floating Candles by 100candles.com

Origami Bird Floating Candles by 100candles.com

And here are some of the amazing wedding centerpieces I found online.

1st Row (from left): Asian-inspired candle centerpieces as seen in table-settings-with-pictures.com, Purple floating candles in fishbowl decorated with lavender carnation centerpiece as seen in wedding flowers and reception ideas.com, Rose floating candle with berries centerpiece as seen in zimbio.com, Floating candles and flower petals centerpiece as seen in lovetoknow.com
2nd Row: Floating candle with flower and rocks centerpiece as seen in Aisle Talk, Floating candles in vases filled with colored water as seen in ehow.com, Floating candle with pearls seen here, Floating candles with seashell mix as seen in Completely Coastal

Hope that inspires you!

*Cylinder glasses >> They are actually water glasses me and my husband found in Wal-Mart (good deal, four for only 2 USD)!

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