Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Epicurean Wednesday

Food for THE Celebration!

Looking for food ideas for your next party?
How about homemade + retail (Costco)?!
At least that worked for my new year party on 1.1.2010!

Here's what we got for the day:
(The menu was prepared by my husband & host parents...yummy!)

We started the feast with Salads, Cheese & Crackers Tray! Thanks to Sonya, Amie, & Dustin!

Clockwise from left: Spinach Strawberry Salad from Skinny Chef, Pasta Salad from Family Go, Deer Meat, Cheese & Crackers Tray from this blog, Spinach, Tomatoes, & Bell Peppers Salad from Quality Living Styles

For our main courses, we had pulled pork sandwiches (bought the packaged pulled pork & dinner rolls from Costco), frozen chicken meatballs from Costco (Stew: along with some pineapple chunks & bell peppers in the slow cooker), and last but not least, the bagel bites (easy...just toast it in the oven and it is yummy-licious)!

Clockwise from left: Chicken Meatballs Stew from Taste of Home, Dinner Rolls as seen here, Bagel Bites from here, Pulled Pork Sandwiches from Gourmet Food Appetizers

Now what? The Dessert! We ordered our wedding cake from Costco (decor: it was all white with weaver-like motif and some sugar roses; flavor: yellow cake with chocolate mousse filling). Not a cake lover? How about mini cinnamon rolls and brownie bites? Or healthier choice - Fruits Tray!

Clockwise from left: Mini Cinnamon Rolls from A Moveable Feast, Cake from here (Instead of this motif on the cake, ours was a white wedding sheet cake from Costco as well), Petite Brownie Bites from Sugar Bowl Bakery

And finally, the toasting!

From left: Champagne Toast from Hotel Chatter, A Toast of Beer from Andrew's Brewery, Cranberry Fruit Punch from Woman's Day Recipe

Let's toast together with us for the happy marriage, happy family, and healthy life!
Cheers everyone!

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