Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Epicurean Wednesday

What is your first impression of organic food?
For me, it is food available in Whole Foods Market. Okay, it is inaccurate (since Whole Foods Market offers non-organic food too), but that is the image that appears to my attention when we talk about organic food.

According to Organic Food
Organic food is crops and animals produced and fed with natural food and without the use of chemical additives.

What is good about serving organic dishes at wedding reception? Why some couples choose to serve organic luncheon or dinner?

Here are some reasons:

1. People are conscious about the health
of not only human being, but also the planet.
2. Organic food has no chemical substances, no
pesticides, and no synthetic fertilizers added - Healthier.
3. To help small farmers improve
their living standard.
4. To lessen the emission of carbon dioxide from vehicles (shorter delivery route, mostly locally grown, and near to you).

So where to start when you have decided to make a contribution to save the planet by serving organic food on your wedding day? - - - Whole Food Market Catering!

Whole Foods Market Catering in Austin provides full-service catering and event planning. They cater for any size and scale - be it business meetings, weddings, galas, open houses, holiday parties or any other special occasion. On top of catering, they also offer event planning such as delivery and set-up, chef-attended food
stations, professional servers and bartenders, rentals (tents, linens, china, furniture, and etc.), floral, lighting, photography, and entertainment.

To learn more about their catering and event
planning services, visit their website.

Whole Foods Market Culinary Center (Outdoor Plaza)

Happy Planning, my dear brides/grooms-to-be!
Do come back on Friday for
the "Natural and Organic-inspired Wedding Reception" designed by event planner, Beth Helmstetter, as featured in Hostess with the Mostess Blog ^.*


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