Monday, January 18, 2010

Fashionista Monday


Does going green make sense to you? Do you buy daily fruits and vegetables from your local farmers market? Do you bring your own recycle bag for grocery shopping? Do you get around by taking public transportation and reduce the carbon dioxide in the city?

I personally love visiting Union Square farmers market in NYC. No matter how...I will try my best to stop by the market for some locally grown fruits, vegetables, and of course, my favorite no-sugar added oatmeal cookies once every two weeks! Maybe it is just me, I think it is healthier and fresher with less chemicals on food that I consume everyday. So this farmers market is definitely the place I will miss the most when I move to Des Moines a month later.

For brides/grooms-to-be who concern about saving the planet, why not to start your newlywed life with a greener lifestyle and incorporate that into your big day? A green wedding is not necessary to cost you more. It could be cheaper than what you think it is because you are buying flowers in season and serving food that grown locally (and less transportation).

I love the idea of going green! And I will be showing you some organic wedding dresses, flowers, food, and an organic-inspired affair right here this week.

So let's kick start our green week with some styles (using organic fabrics)!

1. A strapless silk mesh gown by Wai Ching

2. A heart-shaped "tropunto" embroidered corset bejeweled with pearls and crystals gown by Gwendolyn Gleason Couture

3. An embroidered corset with princess bustle skirt gown by Gwendolyn Gleason Couture

Happy Monday!

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