Monday, October 11, 2010

How many dresses do you have for your wedding?

How about 3 dresses? It is not unusual for Malaysian Chinese brides to have more than 2 dresses for their wedding. You might say it sounds like a fashion show; but it is true for the bride.

The idea of owning a gown is yet not so popular in Malaysia. Unlike brides in US where they buy wedding gowns for their weddings; Malaysian Chinese brides usually rent their wedding dresses from bridal studios. The bride traditionally wear three wedding dresses. The common set comes with a white wedding gown, a cheongsam/qipao (祺袍) or kwa (traditional heavily embroidered formal red wedding gown popular in Southern China), and an evening gown (bride's going away dress).

When does the bride wear a wedding gown, a cheongsam, and an evening gown?

Traditionally, the white wedding gown with veil is worn during the wedding ceremony. The second dress, a traditional Chinese wedding dress, to be worn at the wedding banquet. And lastly, the bride will change to an evening gown (also known as the bride's going away dress) before the bride leaves the banquet.

Nowadays, the bride will wear her white wedding gown for morning wedding ceremony (出门). She will then change to a cheongsam or kua for tea ceremony (敬茶). And lastly, she will have all three dresses for wedding banquet/reception. Wedding gown for opening, evening gown during the banquet, and cheongsam at the end of the banquet.

How about you? Are you having at least three dresses for your wedding?

Photo Credits:
1. Traditional Kwa from Elegant Event Design
2. Cheongsam from Datang Wedding Dress Co.
3. White wedding dress from That Special Occasion
4. Purple evening dress from Dress Feeling

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Wedding Gowns - What's the difference between Malaysia & U.S.?

Congratulations to all happily engaged ladies!
Your dream to be a one-day-Cinderella will be coming true soon. Aren't you excited?
To create your Cinderella dream, nothing more excited than trying all the gowns your wedding vendor or bridal studios has to offer.

In U.S., almost 99% of the brides will start looking for brand new wedding gowns for their weddings as soon as the first day they got engaged (oh...some brides-to-be even look into their potential wedding gowns way before they got engaged). Many of them will go after their favorite designers too! It has been the tradition for many centuries in the U.S.

However, the idea of buying a brand new gown for Malaysian Chinese brides is considered as new. In old times, many mothers actually made the gowns for their daughters as wedding gifts (or part of Jia Zhuang 嫁妆). Then the trend evolved to renting a wedding gown from bridal studio. The bridal studio offers one-stop services to couples who are preparing for their weddings, such as wedding attires, makeup services, pre-wedding and actual wedding photo shoots, and bridal bouquets. As time goes by, younger generations starting to look for customized services and uniqueness. And hence, some modern brides are leaning toward designer gowns.

Despite the newest trend, still majority of the modern brides sign up with bridal studios who will take care of everything - less hectic and convenient for both couples who work full time.

Are you the bride who is leaning towards gown specialist or one-stop services provided by bridal studio?

Photo Credits:
Gowns by Pretty In White

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Have been gone for the whole summer...I am finally back again to continue blogging more about wedding planning. Rather than typical American weddings, you will see more postings about Malaysian weddings here in Yours Moment.

Always feel good to be home. I totally agree!
Despite traveled many thousands miles from foreign country back to my home country - Malaysia, the moment seeing my family is worthwhile.

See you in my next posting!

Happy Weekend!