Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Des Moines Wedding Photographer: Nuzum Photo

Today I am going to share with you a beautiful engagement session shot by husband-and-wife photographers, Steve and Ashley Nuzum from Nuzum Photo.
(Yes, they are based in Des Moines!)

What made these pictures stand out?
1. The waterfall and greenery as the background of the picture.
Natural green always look good in picture; with the waterfall, it creates spectacular effect to the picture (no more boring picture).
2. Colorful blooms.
This always work well in the picture. The more color palettes, the merrier for the picture. Another reason to love Spring!
3. Texture of a surface (a building or object for the picture).
Be it branches-covered (picture 3) or brick wall (picture 4); find something with obvious patterns rather than a blank white wall as your picture background. You will love it!

We were saying to find a background with great texture, did we? But why blank white wall for the following picture? This is an exception for finding a blank white wall to sit down, relax and enjoy the engagement photo shoot. And do not forget texture and color on fabric counts too (the lines on his shirt and color of her pants)! In this picture, the couple's outfits and their affections toward each other played a dominant role.

Thanks Steve and Ashley for sharing these beautiful pictures in your blog. Great job!

Hope you all have a great Wednesday!
I am heading out for some shopping. See you tomorrow!


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