Thursday, April 01, 2010

Easter Tabletop Decorations: Series #4

Are we in the month of April or July? I feel like Summer (high 83 degrees Fahrenheit)in Des Moines today ^.* I love this weather; warm and yet breezy, more outdoor activities, and most importantly, no more layers of winter jackets and boots!

Let's have some fun doing some
"gardening" works today; preparing for the Easter Sunday. Not only your guests, but you will also like the idea of bringing some greens and floral to your dining table too. It is quick and simple. All you need is just the following list!

Flowers in season at your local grocery store or florist or even your own garden.
(HOT trend: always use flowers in season, it can save you some extra money!)
Grass or Moss
3. Decorated
Containers to hold Easter eggs, grass, and flowers in place; it can be pots, glasses, galvanized trays, egg cups, cake stand, basket, and etc.
(HOT trend: create sophisticated look by varying the heights and sizes of decorative items.)
(HOT trend: most commonly used - Jordan almonds for Easter, it comes with varies pretty pastel colors for Spring.)
6. Other decorations such as
Easter bunnies, ribbons, crepe papers, and wrapping paper.
(NOTE: Any kind of decoration that matches your theme is fine. The limit is the sky; and really is, this is your party so feel free to bring in elements that match your personality and style.)

As you need some decor inspirations, I have got these pretty photos to evoke the creative inner you. Hope you have fun!

(Clockwise from top left) Spring Pot Centerpiece by Martha Stewart, Striped Crepe Paper Eggs from Martha Stewart, Spring-y Gardening Shallow Basket (Trug) Centerpiece by Good Housekeeping via Delish, and an Arrangement of Petite Springtime Blooms on Egg Vases by Quick and Simple.

Decorated Egg Cup Centerpieces by Good Housekeeping via Delish, Easter Eggs and Mini Daisies on Cake Stand from Quick and Simple, and the Daffodils and Pom-Pom Chicks Basket by Martha Stewart.

Candy Cones on Wheat Grass Centerpiece, Easter Triple-Decker Display, and Easter Egg Pots by Good Housekeeping via Delish

Happy Thursday,

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