Friday, April 02, 2010

Easter Tabletop Decorations: Series #5 {the end}

Today I am going to show you these
Neutral Country Style Easter Brunch and Tea Time Table Settings from Love Home UK. This page was found on Monday when I started our 2010 Easter Tabletop Decorations series and I told myself "I have to show this to my readers on Friday! What a great decor inspiration for less (you have owned most of the decorative items and the only thing you need to do is bring them out and set up the table in your creative way or the way Love Home UK did.)!"

There is nothing fancy or over the top design presented in this table setting, however, it managed to pull off a very homey and comfortable environment that makes me want to sit here for breakfast every morning! A long table by the window that allows sunshine into the room, simple display of tableware on wooden tray, make use of the eggshell candle holders, bring in fresh flowers arrangement, hand-written your serving menu, and a personalized name card cookie for your guests. Would you want to join me for breakfast/brunch?

Afternoon Tea Party
Lay out a pink and lime shade table runner on your dining table and it gives you an instant Springy look. To complete the look, you may arrange jugs of fresh flowers, English teapots and cups, heart-shaped place cards, and hang decorated egg on each chair. Lastly, a sweet touch to send your guests home with an embroidered Easter egg cozy and some bunny cookies. They will never forget the Easter Tea Party at your place this year.
(WordWeb: Cozy - A padded cloth covering to keep a teapot warm.)

* * *
FYI, Yours Moment blog will turn ONE on this Sunday (April 4, 2010)! Thank you everyone for your support and good comments for the past one year. We are going to celebrate its one-year anniversary by giving it a new look. Hopefully we will be able to publish it next week, as my web designer and I are still working on some details of our brand new YM website. I am so excited and can't wait to show you Yours Moment new look next week!

Hope you have a wonderful Good Friday and Easter Sunday!

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