Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rustic Wedding At Napa Wine Country

Alright, I know it has been a while where I did not get to update my dear readers with new pictures/ideas/wedding planning tips. I miss it too.

I have to admit that Yours Moment new home is not 100% done yet; it is about 95% done. The only 5% left is having my web designer to teach me the way to maintain my own website and upload new posting to it. For a non-web-designer/specialist (like me), there are a lot of new things I need to learn indeed.

You might not find new postings on the new website, but you definitely get to see some photos and my older postings in the website. So please feel free to visit me there and I hope you like the new layout and design as much as I love!

While I am learning how to upload and maintain my new website, I would like to keep you
"busy" with some beautiful weddings around the world. During this period of time, I will post a wedding each day (weekdays) until the official launch of Yours Moment website.

Thank you for standing by me!

Here comes the Rustic Wedding pictures. It was first seen in Elizabeth Anne Designs and the wedding is photographed by Ray Soemarsono of Apertura.

Our focal point on this wedding is the rustic decors all over the wedding reception venue. The couple/floral designer beautifully incorporated floral and fruits into centerpieces and place setting. I love the brilliant idea and the color scheme just worked out perfectly!

Happy Wednesday!

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