Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Tabletop Decorations: Series #3

Cheers to the blue sky and sunny day in Des Moines today! {Happy!}

After the cute chicky Tuesday, I am thinking of a little girlie stuff for today which is butterfly-themed Easter tabletop decoration!

If you are going to be out of town and unable to celebrate Easter with your family this year. That is okay and don't be sad. You do not have to celebrate alone because I am sure your girl friends in town would love to join you at your beautiful butterfly Easter brunch party! Wow...I can already smell the spinach mushroom omelet, fruity yogurt parfait, dark chocolate truffle, and also a glass of peach
Bellini (Wikipedia: Bellini is one of Italy's most popular cocktails; a mixture of sparkling wine and peach puree). Hmm...what a perfect brunch on Sunday morning! Yummy-licious!

Southern Living shows us how to set up your own Butterfly Garden Party at home; and adorn your party favor with a personalized butterfly place card I found at Burda Fashion!

Garden Arrangement:
1. Start by positioning water-soaked florist foam in a pedestal bowl. Any ceramic container will work. Cover the top of the foam with decorative sheet moss, hiding all edges.
2. Cut snapdragon stems at an angle, and insert them into the foam. The flowers and stems should be 12 to 15 inches long. You will need about 12 stems spaced evenly.
3. Repeat with ranunculus, varying the stem lengths. Use taller flowers in the center and shorter ones on the sides.
4. Carefully hold the bottom of each ranunculus stem when inserting it. If it is crushed, insertion will be difficult and blooms will wilt quickly. You will need about 24 ranunculus.
5. Finish by adding silk butterflies.

Candy Nest:
1. Taking a ball of green Spanish moss in your hands, hollow out an opening with your thumbs.
2. Hold the formed nest in place by wrapping a single strand of florist wire around the outside edge of the moss.
3. Place twigs cut from the garden on a salad plate, top with the nest, and fill it with pastel Jordan almonds.
4. Finish with a silk butterfly and a personalized butterfly place card on top.

Butterfly Ornament on Champagne Glass:
1. Wire silk butterflies to the stems of Champagne glasses.

Trying to be a thoughtful hostess and want to forgo the high calories chocolate candy for your girls? I found these pretty party favors your girl friends would love to add to their dressing table collection. The first one is an egg-shaped box with speckled paint, butterflies, and a rabbit cut from decorative paper from Martha Stewart. This can also be used as jewelry box, isn't pretty and multifunctional? Whereas, another party favor which also comes from Martha Stewart, it is more like a decoration than something fancy like the egg-shaped box. It is a purple paper butterfly floats from a wire attached to a pearl glued inside the bottom of a plain white egg.

Hope you have a Fabulous Wednesday!


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