Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Perfect Blooms & Decor Tuesday - St. Patrick's Green

How about a DIY project today?
How does a personalized shamrock boutonniere for each of your invited guests sound like? Isn't it lovely (away from the usual name tag sticker at most social events)?

Here's Martha Stewart's Shamrock Boutonniere How-to.

Next up, let's dress up party accessories with shamrock motif or real shamrock leaves! It can be shamrock-stamped napkins, coasters, skewers for fruits, or a real shamrock leaf embellishment on napkin ring.

Martha Stewart St. Patrick's Day Crafts and Decorations

Irish Napkin Decor from Better Homes and Gardens (BHG)

To complete your tabletop decor, a simple flower arrangement in shamrock shape can be used as centerpiece for the dining table - a combination of naturally green Prado carnations and regular white carnations that are dyed green. You can make it a floating one by placing the flower arrangement in a bowl filled with water too.

Here's Martha Stewart Shamrock Arrangement How-to.

Flower is not right for you? I think some different green glasses and bottles will be great for you too. You do not necessary have to buy new green glasses; any green beer bottles (such as Heineken) will do the job very well!

Green Glasses from BHG

Even though you are not living in Ireland, you can still celebrate St. Patrick's Day by filling your house/room with all decors we mentioned above, as long as you have a little Irish at heart ^.*

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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