Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter Tabletop Decorations: Series #1

Spring time is here and it is the best time to do some cleaning. Have you done cleaning up your house and clearing up spaces for some new festive items to celebrate the first Spring event - Easter?

If you have not done the research, we will show you some tabletop decorations for Easter this week. Hope they will give you some inspirations to decorate your Easter dining table.

To me, this is a traditional Easter dining setting. Everything in pastel blue, pink and yellow. And of course, a pair of white Easter bunnies!

Photo Credit: Easter Tabletop Design from Bliss Weddings Market; Easter Candy Wreath by Good Housekeeping via Delish; Beaded Place Card on Napkin and Easter Table Setting from Better Homes and Gardens

What if you are an artist who always looking for something new and creative? We found you a new color scheme for your Easter egg decoration. Check out the idea and step-by-step instructions of making the marbled Easter eggs here!

Photo Credit: Marbled Easter Egg Tree and Centerpiece from Quick and Simple; Beaded Place Card on Napkin, and Easter Chocolate on Vintage Cups from Better Homes and Gardens

Photo Credit: Decorated Easter Eggs and Egg Holder Centerpiece from Better Homes and Garden; Place Card on Decorated Easter Eggs from Quick and Simple

Did you find yourself an unused candle holder during your Spring cleaning? Have you been keeping it in your storage room for quite some time? Sometimes we just got so busy and forgot that we have some "treasures" in our own storage room. So it is time to bring out the old candle holder and re-purpose it to a lovely Egg Holder Centerpiece for Easter!

I personally love the idea of giving a new life/look for something old/antique that has been keeping in the garage or storage room for a while. (Thanks to the weekend read! I have been reading tons of Country Living, and Better Homes and Gardens magazines lately. Love them all!)

To begin with, we have a few simple steps to creating the lovely Egg Holder Centerpiece from old candle holder.

1. Brush new paint on your old candle holder.
(If the candle holder turned rusty or you simple love to apply a new color on it just to match your furniture at home.)
2. Leave it aside and let it dry.
3. Meanwhile, choose the pattern and color to decorate the eggs.
(Personal preference.)
4. When both candle holder and eggs are dried out, use super glue or wax to secure eggs in place.
5. And you are ready to show your guests the beautiful egg holder you have created for Easter!

This will probably take you about two days (the drying process) to complete the DIY project. So please make sure you set aside enough time for it.

Hope you have fun doing it!

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