Saturday, May 09, 2009

Looking for Your Dream Wedding Dress For LESS?
Sharing Yours With Another Happy Bride?

Half way through to planning your dream wedding? And getting ready to scout your wedding dresses? Besides traditional bridal galleries door-to-door visiting, shop the designer gowns at home is becoming a HOT TREND now! Why? Because you get to enjoy your dream gown at half the list price! So why paying more when you can save that amount of money to indulge in your honeymoon or buying some lovely gifts for your wedding party?

Take a look at the following websites - - - >

Designer dresses at 1/2 the price:


Leslie DeAngelo and her husband established VOWS Bridal Outlet over 16 years ago.
It is the brick and mortar home to
They began their wedding business by selling high-end designer gown samples and overstock.
Today, they even have launched their own bridal line called Liv Harris Designs in house!
You have probably seen their name on local bridal magazines such as,
InStyle Weddings, Modern Bride, Boston Magazine, Boston Weddings, and Bridal Bargains.

2. Bride Couture (

Bride Couture offers high-end designer bridal gowns up to 50-75% off the retail price.
All gowns are bought straight from the designers and high-end retailers!
Enjoy browsing their collections here ~

Also, if you are interested to sell your gowns online, you may do so through the listing services provided by the following websites! After all, what is more satisfying than making another happy bride like you did?

Places first come into mind? Ebay & Craigslist

Any other options?
Yes, here you go!

Listing services:

1. Once Wed (

Emily created Once Wed by having a vision
> to simplify the process for bride-to-be to search the perfect used gown and
> to provide great ideas for wedding planning

What's great about Once Wed listing service?
> Your listing will remain on Once Wed for 12 months and it is free!
You will only pay for an escrow fee (around $70)
for having them to create a secure transaction for both buyer and seller.

2. (

It is a listing service designed to bring buyers and sellers together in one place to exchange their sample, new, and used designer wedding gowns.

To list your wedding gowns, you will pay $25 and your listing will not expire for 12 months, or until it is sold (whichever comes first).

It is easy to navigate and search for your dream wedding dresses. Lets get started!

Wedding dress is sized smaller than the normal street clothes sizes. Usually wedding dresses are one size up from the normal street clothes sizes.


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