Sunday, June 07, 2009

Modernized and Simplified
Chinese Wedding
Angela & John

Personal Wedding Websites are seeing grow of its popularity in today's society. Some couples who own strong belief towards greener world, choose to create their personalized wedding website as informational distribution center and as a substitution to the traditional save-the-date and invitations print outs.

After all, personalized wedding website is truly a perfect way for a engaged couple to share information with their family and friends, as well as to present plans of their wedding day. Whether or not you choose to take the website as a substitution over traditional invitations, it does not matter, because it is your personal preference. By setting up a personalized wedding website, you are giving your family and friends a chance to know and understand the two of you better; where you met each other, how you got together, and whatever stories you would like to share with your family and friends. It indirectly contributing to a more intimate wedding than you thought the wedding would be.

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While searching for Chinese Wedding Traditions online, I saw this interesting website created by the newlywed - Angela and John Liu. In their website, they documented their courtship, journey of planning the wedding, and last but not least, paying tribute to their family roots.

{Angela & John} About Us
In this page, they share their love story, their faith, their appreciation towards their family and friends who made their wedding a memorable one! Also, they created a wedding montage; putting every bit of their wedding into a uniquely theirs wedding slide show.

{Angela & John} The Wedding
Sneak peek (video clips) of their Chinese Ceremonies at home, Marriage Ceremonies at Church, and Reception at Jericho Terrace.
In addition to those video clips, they introduce their wedding party (stories of their friendship), wedding items, and wedding day logistics. Lastly, they share their wedding vendors list and reviewing each of them individually. (Hardly see any newlyweds reviewing their wedding vendors in detailed, but this newlywed did! Good job, guys! Thanks for sharing your reviews with other bride- and groom-to-be!)

{Angela & John} Traditions
They share their family stories and the traditions of Chinese ceremonies here. With that, their guests will get to know their families better, as well as to learn about Chinese wedding rituals. They are thankful to their parents' upbringings as well as being proud of their rich Chinese culture.

{Angela & John} Photos
Whole bunch of their wedding photos at Kodak Gallery!

{Angela & John} Registry
The newlywed set up their registry at Bed Bath & Beyond and Club Wedd (Target).

{Angela & John} Contact Us
In this page, you will find their contact information as well as to RSVP your attendance on their wedding day. To leave your wishes to the newlywed? Sign their guest book!

Can't wait to visit their website?!
Click here.

I really like their simple and informational website. Good job, Angela and John!
I hope it will provide some creative ideas for your own wedding website too.

Congratulations on your marriage!


  1. Oh this is brilliant! I might consider doing that in the future too +D Nice going! There seem to be quite a few of tools out there to help newly wed build their website, do you know of a good one?

  2. Hi Ken,

    Thanks for stopping by for new post!

    There are two free wedding website tools offered by popular wedding planning website such as and The Knot. What you need to do is to join their membership and start creating your wedding website at no cost!

    But what if you are a bride or groom who likes to have highly personalized wedding website (including a personalized domain name!)??

    I found this website ( where they provide the comparison chart and reviews of the popular wedding website providers. From there, you can choose which provider appeals to you the most and get to know their pricing too!

    Bottom line, know what you want and get what you need!

    Best regards,
    Rachel Tan
    Yours Moment