Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Green TRICK Carnation

Breakfast time is always my favorite meal of the day. I am so happy whenever I get to stop by this simple concept cafe with yummy-licious local bakery here in Des Moines, IA. The happiest thing? Not just pastries, but the companionship of my dear friend.

We are not going to talk about the food but the centerpiece on each and every table in the cafe. Somehow it gives me a feeling that they love nature as much as I do. They dress up their simple decor with a stem of flower on the table every day. For me, it really brightens up the room and the environment!

Both times where my friend and I visited the cafe, we had to google and find out what flower it was on our table. Today's flower is interesting. My first impression was it looks like herb - DILL. Then, my friend pointed out that it could be part of carnation family by looking at the stem (she loves gardening too!). Really, carnation family?

After some research online, my friend sent me a link and confirmed that the flower we seen in the cafe is indeed under the family of carnation. It is called "Green Trick Carnation". Like its name, it tricked me!

Don't you think both dill and green trick carnation look alike? Should you love greens that look like herbs at home, why not get some green trick carnations home? Thanks Sheryl for the great breakfast outing and introduced me to the new carnation!

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