Monday, January 30, 2012

SWEETLY in love with Chocolate Fondue - Monthly of L.O.V.E

Time flies, February is just a day away and I can feel the love is in the air everywhere already. Are you tired of dressing up for an extravagant Valentine's Dinner at the local restaurant? Why not rolling up your sleeves and prepare a sweet and yummy-licious Chocolate Fondue for your sweetheart while dressing up in pajamas and cuddling up for a Romance movie? Yes, (you did not hear wrongly) I did say p.a.j.a.m.a.s!

When you think of Valentine's Day, first thing that comes to your mind would be CHOCOLATE. Correct me if I am wrong. So preparing a chocolate fondue seems to be a no-brainer and yet a sweet gesture from your partner/for your partner. There is absolutely no cooking skills required; getting a few types of chocolates, milk, honey, vanilla beans, fruits, marshmallow, pound cakes, rice krispy, and voila...You and your partner or friends will be ready to indulge in a pot of warm and rich chocolate fondue.

Here's a recipe for you to try, ENJOY! 

Celebrate Valentine's Day with a Pot of Warm and Rich Chocolate Fondue

Credits: (clockwise from top left) Eat with Love silverware illustration, Rachael Ray's Heavenly White Chocolate Fondue,  Milk Chocolate Fondue in yellow bowl, Pages folded in heart shape, Fruity Chocolate Fondue, Candle-lit chocolate fondue served with bananas, rice krispies, pound cakes, and marshmallow, Chocolate-covered banana, Chocolate-Pinor Noir fondue, and  Marshmallow dipped in chocolate 

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