Sunday, June 24, 2012

Aromatic & Colorful Bridal Shower (Get-together)

Happy Sunday! I have a beautiful aromatic bridal shower idea to share with you while I browsed through Bridal Musings Blog this afternoon. You have heard spa get-together, Vegas trip, and tea party but what about a Flower Bar party? I love the idea because I personally love fresh flowers, be it cut flowers or flower arrangement, my favorite.

For all bridesmaids out there, here is a pretty idea for your bride who loves fresh flowers.

A Fresh Flower Bar

To prepare:
- Fresh flowers (where to start: in season flowers, bride's favorite maybe)
- Containers/vases
- Floral oasis (green floral foam)
- Moss
- Water
- Ribbon/lace/other embellishments
- Scissors

No clue where to begin:
- Eight basic flower arranging designs by save-on-crafts
- Youtube (get your iPad ready!)

- Miniature pastries
- Fruit cups
- Tea
- Champagne

How it will be in seen in Bridal Musings.

Cheers to a pretty bridal shower!




  1. I adore the thought since I for one cherish crisp blossoms, be it cut blooms or bloom course of action, my top pick.

    For all bridesmaids out there, here is a beautiful thought for your lady of the hour who adores new blossoms.

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