Saturday, September 19, 2009

Multifunctional Bridesmaid Dress
TWOBIRDS Bridesmaid by Ariane Goldman

Bored of having the exact same look for your wedding party? Wondering if there is any other option to dressing up each and every bridesmaid of yours? Here comes TWOBIRDS Bridesmaid. The owner, Ariane, faced the same issue - had the same problem of getting dresses where her bridesmaids can wear again and again even after the wedding - WITH STYLES.

During her own wedding in 2007, she came of with the multifunctional dresses for her bridesmaids. They had the exact same dress, however, it was up to her bridesmaids to create their own personal look that fit their style the most.

Ariane and her four bridesmaids in multifunctional dresses posed at her wedding day.

Since then, Ariane founded TWOBIRDS with a major motive "being a bridesmaid does not have to forgo personal style". Everyone is unique and should not be dressed like each other, but to show off our personality.

Twobirds had been featured in magazines, tv shows, as well as some popular fashionista blogs. Here are articles featured in bridal and fitness magazines such as California Brides, InStyle Weddings, and SELF.

To start dressing your wedding party, choose the color that matches your wedding theme color. Here are fabric colors available at TWOBIRDS.

Fun TIME - Start the WRAPPING!
Bridesmaids, are you girls ready to choose style that matches your personality/style the most?


Here are some of the real lovely days (weddings) from brides who got their bridesmaid dresses from TWOBIRDS.

Lovely day!

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