Monday, September 14, 2009

Wedding Gift
Culinary Adventure: Cooking 101 For Newlyweds

by Gilda Mulero from Naturally-Tasty

Are you in search of a unique gift for your family/friend's upcoming wedding? Great! I just came across this special wedding gift idea introduced by Gilda Mulero, Natural Foods Chef (New York) in her website, naturally-tasty.

It is Cooking 101 For Newlyweds, a private cooking class given by professional chef right at the newlywed's home. Each class is uniquely customized to the couple's interests and skill level.

A professional chef will pay a visit to the couple's home and help organize their new kitchen gadgets presented by their wedding guests. The chef will teach the couple how to make good use of their available space and tools. The class includes a tour to the local market as well as to teach the couple how to choose the right ingredients to fill up their pantry and 'stomach'!

Some couples might want to be the host and throw party at their house, the chef would be able to help them by selecting the comfort menu for great family and friends memories.

Lastly, the professional chef can even help the couple to choose new culinary equipments from their wedding registry based on the couple's lifestyle and interests.

What a wonderful and thoughtful gift for the newlyweds!

I would love to have one too!

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