Thursday, August 27, 2009

"Dress up" the Reception Hall
Kayla & Matthew Fall Wedding

Here's the exact mood inside the banquet hall (left picture) and the table setting color combo (right) we found from The Knot Real Weddings that matched Kayla and Matthew's Fall Wedding Reception. They are going to use wooden garden-style chairs, red linens, pure white dinnerware, orange napkins and lanterns to dress up their fall-inspired wedding theme.

How about the centerpieces?
Kayla and Matthew's fall centerpieces were inspired by Better Homes and Gardens (BHG) holiday decortations series.

There are three major centerpieces for alternate tables in the hall:
1. Display different shapes of white gourds on tiny pedestals as miniature sculptures. DIY? Where to find those tiny pedestals? Cut from old table legs and balusters (good suggestion from BHG)!
2. Arrange 4 orange gourds and 6 red dahlia blossoms symmetrically in a flat tray like the one in picture below. Floating gourds and dahlias will be nice too! Remember to show off your inner creativity to make your wedding day a memorable one!
3. Fill an assortment of glasses with water and float mini pumpkins, gourds and mum (chrysanthemum) inside.

Wow...I really like the idea of having "floating" centerpieces, instead of the conventional floral decors!

Now, let's complete the look of each table with a mini chalkboard as table numbers. Be sure everyone finds the right place to sit in and enjoy the rest of the evening!

Image from: Maria McBride
Celebration Designs for Holidays and Every Day

Are you ready? We are going to explore Kayla and Matthew's first signature drinks as husband and wife in our next posting!

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