Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Everything Bridal Show
By Hy-Vee, Inc.

~ To every bride-to-be in Central Iowa ~
Do not
miss out one of Central Iowa's largest wedding shows!

  • Bridal seminars
  • Latest bridal fashion show (LIVE)
  • Participating vendors showcasing their wedding planning services you need
  • Fabulous prizes and giveaways from selected vendors
  • On top of that, brides and grooms may enter to win one of four worth $1000 cash prizes away!
  • Plus, admission to the event is FREE!

Host: Hy-Vee, Inc.

Venue: Hy-Vee Conference Center in West Des Moines

Date: September 13, 2009 (Sunday)

Time: 10am - 3pm

click here for show details

Stay tune for more on Hy-Vee The Everthing Bridal Show.

Happy Planning!

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