Friday, August 28, 2009

First Signature Drinks as Husband & Wife
Signature Cocktails/Mocktails
Kayla & Matthew Fall Wedding

Kayla and Matthew visited Better Homes and Gardens (BHG) and instantly fell in love with two signature drinks featured in its website. They are Autumn Punch and Sparkling Cranberry Rose - fit into their fall wedding perfectly. A mixture (wine) in both drinks can be altered to cater for younger wedding attendants, where we can substitute wine with ginger ale soft drink (most children love ginger ale, including my 12-year old cousin ^.*).

Here are the recipes from BHG.

Autumn Punch
Fresh-sliced plums garnish a blend of apple-cranberry juice and sweet white wine*.
*For younger attendants, we will substitute white wine with ginger ale. So they can enjoy the party with their special drink too!

Sparkling Cranberry Rose
A fizzy blend of sugar cubes, cranberry juice, and rose wine* makes a delightful pre-dinner cocktail.
*For younger attendants, we will substitute rose wine with ginger ale.

If you have the budget to go for personalized napkins, why not?
We found this personalized party accessories website - - Launched in June 2004 by Sari. You will be the "napkins designer" to design your very own custom-made napkins - *like I did for Kayla and Matthew* see below...

Kayla and Matthew personalized napkins from

Thinking of cake - make it unexpected one!
Stay tune for our next posting.

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