Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Homemade Little Something For Your Valentine!

Month of expressing your love to your valentine (traditionally), parents, friends, and colleagues. For those who are still experiencing the bitter cold winter, what is better than a warm and sweet gesture to make your special someone something homemade and delicious? (For those who hardly ever bake or cook: Well, the thought of gifting counts!)

Are you making/getting something delicious for your loved one? I have pulled together some tasty little bites from Martha Stewart for you! Check it out!

Valentine Cookies, Brownie Heart Cupcakes, Pecan Linzer Cookies with Cherry Filling, Calimyrna Fig Hearts, Heart Pancakes, Heart-Shaped Meringues Filled With Passion Fruit Curd, Coeurs a la Crème, Meringue Heart Ice-Cream Sandwiches, Valentine Cake, Raisin Heart Pockets, Personalized Chocolate Pops, Grandma Friendship’s Raisin Pie with Heart Cutouts, Heart-Shaped Raspberry Napoleons, Spicy Chocolate Sandwich Cookies, Chocolate Sweet Hearts, Chocolate Cookies, Shortbread Hearts

They are not only looking yummy, they are looking good too!

Photo Credits:
Martha Stewart