Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Toss For Prosperity - Yu Sheng!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

If you were to ask me which Chinese New Year dish I miss the most, I would say Yu Sheng
(besides my mom's home cook food, hers is still the best)! Yu Sheng symbolizes abundant luck, prosperity, health and all things auspicious.

The tradition is for all family members gather around and toss Yu Sheng up high in the air with joyful exclamations of "Loh Hey" or any other auspicious wishes. The higher the tossing, the greater the luck and happiness for all. The enjoyment of Yu Sheng during Chinese New Year is an age-old custom back in ancient Chinese tradition and culture.

So what's the history of Yu Sheng? Let us check it out from Spring Toss!

According to Chinese legend, the goddess Nu Wa spent six days creating animals out of mud, while on the seventh she created humanity. Ren Ri, the Day of Humankind, is correspondingly celebrated on the seventh day of Chinese New Year. To celebrate this day, the Chinese enjoy a special dish comprising seven symbolic delicacies which we know as Yee Sang. When Yee Sang is eaten, the ritual is to toss the mixed ingredients high in the air with a shout of "Loh Hey" which literally means to ‘move upwards’. It is symbolic of the wish for our fortunes to rise and expand during the forthcoming year.

Steps of preparing Yu Shang for the tossing:

The joyful toss!

It's officially a brand new year now (past 12am in Malaysia). My family and friends are celebrating the joyous Chinese New Year! May the year of rabbit brings everyone good health and great happiness! Gong Xi Gong Xi!

Photo and Video Credits:
Spring Toss
Dorsett Hotel

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