Monday, October 12, 2009

Coffee, Tea or Cake?
Dessert & Coffee Bar at Wedding Reception

Can you have no coffee even just for a day? NO? Why not incorporating it into your wedding day to share your favorite coffee drink with your family and friends? Almost everyone loves coffee...especially the soothing aroma of coffee...feel so good no matter what time of the day; either morning, afternoon or at night.

There is a modern way with a personal twist to customize your wedding reception which is a Dessert & Coffee Bar. Be it the best dessert in town or your grandma's homemade pecan pie, do serve your guests varieties of coffee along with desserts.

Want to highlight personal touch on your dessert & coffee bar? You may serve your favorite pairing of dessert-coffee as a couple and give it a name. For example, the LOVE-set consist of tiramisu cake and latte. (Why call it love set? The idea came from the initial of T and L. T stands for Ti Amo, in Italian it means I love you. And L stands for Love, forever love.) How sweet it is?!

To bring this idea into a real plan, what you will need to prepare a dessert & coffee bar?
1. A Barista (Talent search for a budgeted wedding: Look up a family member or friend who has passion in making coffee and willing to be the barista on your wedding day.)
2. Bakers (Enlist your family members and friends who bake delicious homemade cakes, pies, cupcakes, brownies, tarts, and etc. - the more the merrier...Opps...I love dessert so much!)
3. Varieties of coffee (roasts, espresso, etc.), teas (white, red, black), and hot chocolate
4. Coffee flavors (caramel, vanilla, hazelnut, white chocolate, ginger, pumpkin spice, etc.)
5. Toppings (marshmallow, peppermints, chocolate shavings/sprinkles, etc.)
6. Cups, lids, and customized cup sleeves* (visit:, and Reliable Paper Inc. for your choice of coffee cups)

*To customized cup sleeves for your wedding, the following online printing companies could help.
1. InkHead
2. Absorbent, inc.
3. Custom Cup Sleeves
4. Your Brand Cafe

All set - Sit down and enjoy treats and coffee on your wedding!

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