Sunday, October 18, 2009

Who Are You? Diamond Shape: "I am ..."

What kind of diamond shape that your girlfriend prefers? Does that particular diamond shape tells anything about her characteristics/personality traits?

Saul A. Spero, a gemologist, who wrote the book , has interviewed 50,000 women (who liked just one and only one diamond shape) to determine if there is any correlation between preference of diamond shape and personality traits. And here's the result of his interviews (for seven different shapes: Round, Oval, Princess, Emerald, Marquise, Heart, and Pear)...

The classic, timeless, and most popular of all diamond shapes.
Woman who loves this shape is faithful, traditional, and family oriented. She is caring, trustworthy, devoted, and is someone you can count on. Bridal Guide by Zales jeweler calls her "The Girl Next Door".

Woman who loves oval shape is someone who enjoys the arts, being creative and always looking forward to great success. She is willing to take chances and thrives on her ability to stay focus on the task at hand. Bridal Guide by Zales jeweler calls her "The Leader".

This square-cut diamond represents the bold, assertive, and independent woman. She is fun, optimistic, always full of passion and imagination. She tends to live life to the fullest. Of course, as the name suggests, she also adores the spotlight and love being the center of attention. Bridal Guide by Zales jeweler calls her "The Romantic".

This clean, modern lines of four-cornered shape represents the effective, highly disciplined, and aggressive woman. She possesses a positive aura to be a natural born leader. Bridal Guide by Zales jeweler calls her "The Traditional Woman".

Woman who is drawn to Marquise shape is outgoing, innovative, impulsive and always goal oriented. She shines with her ambition and thrives on independence. Bridal Guide by Zales jeweler calls her "The Creative".

Woman who is romantic, sensitive and emotional will be attracted by Heart shape diamond. She tends to live in fantasy land with motto of love conquers all impossibles and it has no boundaries. She always looking for pure love and a perfect life. I call her "The Romantic Perfectionist".

This tear-drop shape appeals to to woman who is warmhearted, lively, and adventurous. Being secure in her surroundings allows her to get along with everyone very well. That explains why she has a wide circle of friends and acquaintances. Bridal Guide by Zales jeweler calls her "The Socialite".

This shape represents woman who is traditional, yet modern. The best of both worlds.

This shape represents a charming, sociable, and fun-loving woman. Another socialite!

This step-cut diamond represents pure elegance and beauty. Woman who loves this shape is creative, down-to-earth, and ready for anything. She always strives for inner peace and perfection. Bridal Guide by Zales jeweler calls her "The Artist".

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