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How much would you (bride-to-be) spend on a wedding gown?

Every girl wants to dress up beautifully on her wedding day, but how much would you spend for a wedding gown? What is the moderate/appropriate amount of money to spend on a dress where you will only wear for a few hours on your wedding day? (A very good question came from my boyfriend the other day, have intrigued me to find out more about this topic.)

Based on The Wedding Report, Inc. (a research company that tracks and forecasts number of weddings, average spending, and trends in the wedding industry), here's state-by-state (partial) average cost spent for a wedding gown in 2008. To look up the average spending in the state where you currently reside, please visit their website.

Average Cost of a Wedding Gown in 2008 (by State):
New York $1,255
California $1,237
Illinois $1,172
Minnesota $1,081
Michigan $1,063
Florida $1,035
Arizona $998
Texas $989
Wisconsin $916
Iowa $834

No surprise! Three big cities top the list; they are New York ($1,255), followed by California ($1,237) and Illinois ($1,172). Almost all the top designers gain a spot in the big apple city, New York. It is hard for bride not crazy at over the top couture gowns when she has easy access to these designers' gowns. Therefore, the decision to get the over-the-top gown really come down to the couple's wedding budget.

According to The Knot Wedding Budget 101 - wedding budget breakdown, people usually allocate 8-10% of their total budget towards wedding attire. If you only have $10,000 to spend for your wedding, then you should allocate about $800-$1,000 for your wedding gown. If you are a bride who cannot sacrifice designer's couture gown, would you willing to give up the money you would spend on the other categories such as food, flowers, etc.? If your hubby agrees with you, go ahead and pick the exquisite gown that you want to wear on your wedding day at the price you are willing to pay.

Over-The-Top Designer Gowns: $3,000 and up

Vera Wang

1. Helene
Strapless mermaid gown with a wrapped bodice and pleated skirt in stretch Mikado. The opening price points range from $4,600 - $6,000.
2. Bouquet
Strapless modified A-line with a fused lace skirt and floating floral embroidery combines a clean featherweight faille bodice with an intricate skirt of Alencon, Chantilly and Batenburg laces on French tulle. Pricing begins at $8,000.
3. Delaney
Strapless soft A-line gown with a woven criss-cross bodice and gathered skirt. Pricing ranges from $3,100 - $4,500.

Monique Lhuillier

1. Katya
Sheer silk organza v-neck draped bodice gown with lace detail at neckline and pleated A-line skirt, pricing ranges from $3,500 - $5,000.
2. Sunday Rose (Platinum Collection)
Silk satin organza strapless gown with pleated bodice and rose embroidered A-line skirt, pricing ranges from $7,000 - $20,000.
3. Dolce
Re-embroidered lace strapless gown, molded bodice with draped tulle overlay and two-tier tulle skirt with lace detail at hem, pricing ranges from $5,001 - $7,000.

However, if you rather be a savvy bride, it is advisable to stick to your budget. You would rather keep your savings in a healthy balance while enjoy your wedding day. Here we found some mid- and low-range wedding gowns to show you that you do not need to sacrifice style while working under a tight budget.

Mid-Range: $600 and up

1. Grazia
Strapless A-line gown with modified scoop neckline, and beading over hand-cut lace. Pricing ranges from $1,501 - $3,000.
2. Letizia
Strapless trumpet gown with pleated bodice, skirt, and lace-up back in 100% silk shantung. Pricing ranges from $1,501 - $3,000.
3. Camelia
Strapless organza gown with pleated bodice and ruffled skirt. Pricing ranges from $601 - $1,500.

Low-Range Gowns Under $600

1. David's Bridal
Satin A-line gown with metallic beading, embroidery, and side drape. Pricing ranges from $499 - $549.
2. Jovani
Single shoulder floral organza appliques gown with shirred bodice and a plunging neckline. Price at $548.
3. BCBG Maxazria
Strapless silk chiffon gown with shirred bodice and adjustable tie at waist. Price at $360.

For "Couture Bride"...
- look for trunk show to save you a few hundreds or thousands of dollars.
For "Savvy Bride"...
- how about getting a pre-owned gown/rent a gown/pick the special occasion dress instead?

Hope you will find your "the one" soon...

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