Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ring Settings Series #2
"Home" For the Precious Diamond

Here, we continue our list from yesterday...

4. Pave Setting

This setting features three or more rows of very small stones set closely together and held in place by metal beads to create a relatively smooth surface. Pave diamond ring give you a very stunning visual appearance as not much metal is visible, but rather there is a massive sparkle from the large amount of tiny diamonds set all over the surface of the metal in the diamond ring setting.

5. Cluster Setting

This is another setting features a number of smaller diamonds set in a circular shape.

Diamonds arranged in the form of a flower shape, or an abstract arrangement are pretty common for the cluster setting.

Some arrangement of diamonds gives an open and airy look, and yet some other come with a more tightly arrangement. The openwork design will lengthen the look of the finger and the hand, while the more closed design will draw the eye toward the hand. Nice!

6. Illusions/Invisible Setting

Designers use invisible setting to create the illusion of a much larger diamonds when smaller diamonds are clustered together. The diamonds are placed closely together, with the metal concealed underneath the diamonds.

This setting allows more light to enter the diamonds, therefore, it is an excellent way to showcase the brilliance of the diamonds themselves.

That's all for tonight, we will show you the last three settings tomorrow!

Sweet Dream everyone,

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