Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Where the idea of ENGAGEMENT RINGS came from?

A Boxful of Eye Candy from Martha Stewart Weddings, Spring 2008

We are going to talk about engagement rings for this and the next few postings.

The origin of rings is believed to have initiated by the ancient Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians. The engagement ring indicates his or her engagement to be married, a formal agreement to future marriage.

Why choose ring as a symbol of love?
According to the ancient Egyptians, the circle of the ring represents eternity - there is no beginning nor ending - it is smooth. It is like a blessing to the happy marriage with eternal love!

Why wear the ring on your fourth finger of left hand?
This idea attributed to the Greeks who believed that the vein of love ("vena amoris") is connected from the fourth finger to the heart. It represents a wholehearted and unconditional love to your partner. That's sweet!

How about the influence of the Romans?
They suggested to use iron ring because iron is strong and it symbolizes strength and permanence of the marriage. Another blessing to the marriage!

Wow...even though it is just a simple circle (ring)...there is a hidden meaning behind the ring ~

Ladies who receive this ring from their men are so blissful. Congratulations upon your journey to eternal love, CHEERS!

What's next? Should guy surprise his sweetheart with the ring without doing the shopping together?

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