Monday, December 07, 2009

* Fashionista Monday *

Gentlemen and ladies, I am swinging into Parisian-mood this week! (The idea was inspired by the Chateau Plate I found on Anthropologie website last Saturday ~ will be revealed on Friday!)

To kick start the Parisian Wedding, I would like to show you some dresses of Cymbeline 2010 Bridal Collection today. Me and you might not have heard about this brand name in the States until recent years. However, Cymbeline did establish its foundation since 30+ years ago, started in
Nemours, France. The founder was three sisters, they are Evelyn, Chantal and Monique. Their goal is to design wedding dresses that would speak every woman's unique style and personality through precise cutting, delicate handworks, and fine details on the dresses.

Cymbeline invites talented designers from different countries to make contribution to the collection every year. The inclusion of these designers ensures fresh ideas are constantly introduced each season. This, along with the sophisticated taste of the sisterhood who imposes their romantic and modern touch to the brand, attracts brides from all over the world.

I have been to their New York Showroom and I really like how "light" (light-weighted) their dresses is. Even though it comes with a long train, it is still weigh much lesser than other similar
dresses I have seen so far. Their dresses are suitable for destination wedding; easy to pack and go, weightless and effortless ^.*

Below are some of my favorites from their 2010 Bridal
Collection. To view the entire collection, you may drop by their website to share/print the dresses that you like!



(From left) Dito and Dumas




(From left) Dayzel and Dubay



(From left) Dulcine and Daylice

If you are residing at New York City, make your time to visit their showroom! Their bridal consultants are very friendly ^.*

Hope you have a happy Monday to kick start your holiday shopping!

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