Tuesday, December 15, 2009

* Perfect Blooms & Decor Tuesday *

Are you hosting a Christmas Party next week and scratching your head for some clues on decorating the special occasion? Hope we come just in time for your holiday decor shopping! The following three holiday dinner decorations are all inspired by Christmas trees and formality of the event.

Inviting your business partner for a formal dinner at home? Let see how color combo of green, gold, and brown give you the wow factor...to maintain the formality (gold) and not losing the warm factor (a lot of candles) of the holiday season (snowflake ornament).

From left: Polish Christmas Tree from Martha Stewart, Table Setting with Flowing Fabric from Country Living, Felted Snowflake Ornament as seen in Country Living

Having friends coming over to your house for a cocktail party? It is a little girlish (yes, it is pink, although I am not a big "pink" fan, but I think a moderate and careful touch can cheer up the holiday season). A pretty way to dress up the fun cocktail hours at home - Pink/White/Champagne!

From left: Pink Christmas Tree by Kirsten Skiles, Card Garlands from Martha Stewart, Snowflake Tablecloth and Table Setting by Martha Stewart


Never missed the good time with family members...Home sweet home ^.* The little girl (she is adorable) made me miss my family in Malaysia so much!

Anyway, our white/red/green holiday dinner inspired by a Christmas tree with an Asian-flair seen in Martha Stewart.com, an artificial bonsai with lanterns and birds.

From left: Asian-inspired Christmas Tree by Martha Stewart, Glass Candlesticks and Red Ornaments Tabletop from Better Homes and Gardens, Little Girl with Traditional Stockings as seen in Martha Stewart.com

Happy Tuesday!



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