Tuesday, December 01, 2009

* Perfect Blooms & Decor Tuesday *

Are you looking for simple, easy-to-get, and low ticket centerpieces to pull off your vintage-inspired garden reception?

Look no further to collect the unique aluminum cans/tins (e.g.: biscuit and tea tins) at home or from family and friends! Before you send them to the recycle bin, why not use them in a creative way to adorn each table at the reception?

Easy-to-assemble Flowers-filled Aluminum Can Centerpieces:
1. Aluminum cans in different shapes, sizes, and heights.

2. Flowers

To save cost?

a. Get flowers from your local market

b. Buy flowers in season
(instead of importing flowers from other places)
c. Buy flowers in bulk

(you will have better bargaining power to negotiate with the vendor)

If you want a simple and sleek look, you may remove the sticker on can or cover it with theme-matching wrapping paper @ velvet for winter reception. See below for some creative ideas to inspire your next event.

(From Left) Ribbon Cylinders Centerpiece, Tweed Tabletop, Veneer Tabletop; all from Martha Stewart Weddings

If you want something more unique, you may leave the sticker on and arrange the cans as is.

Biscuit and Tea Tins Flower Centerpieces by Tre Bella Flowers & Gifts

Top (from left): Aluminum Can Centerpiece from Re-nest, Tea-Tin Centerpiece from Martha Stewart Weddings
Bottom: All three vintage-inspired tin centerpieces courtesy of Ritzy Bee Blog

Hope this posting will inspire you to create charming centerpieces for your next event ^.*

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