Tuesday, February 09, 2010

All About Chinese New Year in Malaysia: Series 2

What we wear during Chinese New Year (CNY)?

Cheongsam and Changshan, that's right.

Cheongsam is a body-hugging one-piece dress for women, whereas, Changshan is men's traditional Chinese clothing.

Today, we have found quite a few nice dresses and changshan from two great sources for Chinese clothing - they are Chinese Moods and Good Orient.

From left: Hand-Embroidered Dress $49.99, Colorful Plum Blossom Cheongsam with Mandarin Collar $62.99, Stars At Dawn Cheongsam $56.98, Chrysanthemum & Plum Blossom Cheongsam $75.99, High Collar Plum Blossom Cheongsam with Chinese Buttons $35.99; All from Chinese Moods Traditional Clothing

Want something different and sharp in color? Try this turquoise color halter neck cheongsam from Good Orient! You will absolutely be the most outstanding one at the party!

Blue Dragon Silk Brocade Evening Dress $101.98, Good Orient

For father, brother, husband, boyfriend? Check out the following ^.*

From left: Chinese Style Wadded Jacket $59.99, Oriental Reversible Jacket $60.99, Chinese Double Dragon Jacket $49.99, Men Dragon Jacket $45.99, Traditional Chinese Happiness Men Jacket $49.99; All from Chinese Moods Traditional Clothing

As mentioned earlier, there is another good e-market to find more traditional clothing for men. Do check out some outfits from Good Orient too!

From left: Handsome Brilliant Jacket $85.98, Black Micro Suede Jacket $79.98; Both from Good Orient

Kids section:

From left: Embroidered Dragon Pattern Kid Suit $15.98, Girls Winter Suit $24.99; Both from Chinese Moods Traditional Clothing

To complete the look, here are some accessories to complement men's and ladies' elegant outfits.

From left: Embroidered Leather Women Shoes $10.99, Men Cotton Shoes $11.59; Both from Chinese Moods Accessories

From left: Chinese Pattern of Happiness, Wealth and Longevity Chinese Traditional Bag $4.99, Bamboo Leaves Chinese Traditional Bag $5.99, Auspicious Flower Chinese Traditional Bag $6.99; All from Chinese Moods Accessories

Happy Tuesday!

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