Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Epicurean Wednesday: Miniature Burgers & Fries

Who doesn't love burger and fries? Some may not like it, but majority love it! I consider myself a health-conscious person, I hardly eat fast food (such as McD, KFC, etc). It does not mean I dislike it; just that it is a 'splurge' for me once in a while, not always. I still love fries!

Photo Credit: Rustic Vineyard Wedding in Santa Ynez Wine Country via Inspired By This, photographed by Leigh Miller Photography

Burgers and fries are definitely comfort food for many Americans. I wonder if people will serve burger and fries at their wedding reception. So I decided to do research on this topic to answer the call to my curiosity.

Surprisingly, serving fast food isn't a newbie at wedding! Not only serving fast food, there are people chose to get hitch at fast food chain too! Also, there was a couple in England served GIANT burger at their wedding reception! And yet, some creative bakers turn burger into 'cupcake'! They are definitely people who can think outside the box.

Couple's McDonald's Wedding Reception

An article featured on BBC News (UK)
August 6, 2002

A bride and groom held their wedding reception with a happy meal at their local McDonalds.

Giant Wedding Burger

An article posted by Robyn Lee via
Serious September 22, 2008

Tom and Kerry Watts of Poringland, England, served a 19 kilograms (42 lbs) cheeseburger at their wedding reception made by American restaurant, Zaks.

Ingredients of giant burger:
400oz Beef Patty
5kg Bun

12 Iceberg Lettuces
12 Onions
30 Tomatoes
48 slices of Dill Pickle
2kg Cheese
1litre Ketchup
1litre Mayonnaise

For those of you who reside outside of US, you may go to BBC News or click here to watch the video featuring the giant wedding burger.

'Burger' Cupcakes

Lisa Smiley
Lisa's secret recipe:
Vanilla Cupcake - as Bun
Chocolate Cupcake - as Meat Patty
Coconut Flakes - as Lettuce
Colored Frosting - as Ketchup and Mustard

Aren't they creative?! Do you have your creative creation to share with me? Please do not hesitate to shoot me an email at yourmoment{at}gmail{dot}com.

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