Monday, February 01, 2010

Fashionista Monday - All About Valentine's Day

Happy Monday to all my blog readers! How's everyone doing on the first day of February? I hope everyone is doing as great as I am; arranging, packing, shipping, and getting ready to start my new journey in Des Moines, Iowa ^.*

It is a lovely February, isn't it? We are going to celebrate two major festivals this month (and they both fall on the same day this year!!!). I have prepared Chinese New Year and Valentine's Celebration Series for this and next week as mentioned on my last posting two Fridays ago.

Celebration mood and love all over the air right now. Let start the first week of February in 2010 with some outfits for Valentine's Day!

Are you heading out for a romantic Valentine's dinner with your partner and wondering what you could wear for the date? Here's my suggestion for you, see below:

Casual + Romantic
A simple dress with delicate details (ruffles at neckline and a bow tie at the back), paired with black open-toe pumps, and last but not least, adorned the simple look with gold "love" pendant necklace and stacked of rings. Ta-da...A simple and yet elegant look to meet your Mr. Right =)

Items in this set:
Top row: One and Only Dress from $47.00
Bottom row (from left): Bonfire Heels from Nine West $62.30, Zad My Love is Written Necklace in Gold from $11.00, Zad Faceted Stackable Rings in Gold from $9.00

How about guys?
Mens Outfit 2

Casual + Smart
A pure white shirt (rolled-up sleeves) and a pair of jeans - A classic outfit in every guy's closet. Needed a personal touch? A pair of your favorite sport shoes/sneakers, leather watch, and a necklace and ring compliment your simple white outfit very well. Opps...and don't forget to drop by a florist and get your favorite girl/lady a beautiful bouquet!

Top row (from left): Scoop Neck Tank and Printed Woven Pants $52.00, Hoodie Robe $49.50, Terry Platform Flip-flop $25.00, all from Victoria's Secret
Bottom: Polo Ralph Lauren Men Pajamas $32.50, Robe $75.00, both from Macy's, Cable Knit and Suede Clogs $19.95 each, from

Wonder why the pictures of sleepwear appear in today's blog post? Am I locate them at the wrong post? You will find out on Wednesday! Stay tune =)

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