Thursday, February 11, 2010

All About Chinese New Year in Malaysia: Series 4

Almost every Chinese special occasion/festival in Malaysia is related to food. For instance, we have moon cakes during Mid-Autumn Festival and dumplings (粽子) during Dragon Boat Festival. So what are the special dishes for Chinese New Year Celebration?

There are too many that I would like to show you, therefore, I categorized them into a few categories such as Cookies, Fruits, and Reunion Dinner.

Most dishes and fruits for the celebration are symbolic of good fortune and happiness.

Mandarin Oranges:
Represent wealth and good fortune
Symbolizes prosperity (It sounds like 'ong' in Hokkien, meaning prosperous.)
Symbolizes a safe and smooth year ahead ('ping an' 平安)
Symbolizes abundance ('loke yau' in Cantonese, 'yau' sounds like the Cantonese word for abundance.)
Represent abundance (It pronounces as 'yu' in Mandarin; sounds similar to Chinese word for plenty.)
Represent longevity
Tong Sui:
Symbolizes sweet relationship with family, partner, or friends.
It is time for pictures and cookies recipe!

Variety of CNY Cookies:
Kuih Kapit, Kuih Bangkit, Pineapple Rolls (my favorite!), Cornflake Cookies, Peanut Butter Cookies, Rossy ('Bee Nest'), Peanut Puffs, Fried Arrowhead (Ngaku), and Chicken Floss Rolls.

First Row (from left): Kuih Kapit from here and here, Kuih Bangkit from Nyonya Food, Pineapple Rolls from Nyonya Food
Second Row: Cornflake Cookies from Rasa Malaysia, Peanut Cookies from The Food Site, Rossy ('Bee Nest', '蜜蜂窝') from Boonage
Third Row: Peanut Puffs ('Kok Chai') from Beachlover Kitchen, Fried Ngaku Chips from Penang Tua Pui, Chicken Floss Rolls from Jo's Deli & Bakery

Here are three cookies recipe to share: (I shall try it next time!)

1. Cornflake Cookies by Y3K Magazine (Malaysia)

2. Pineapple Rolls recipe from Nyonya Food

3. Kuih Bangkit by Nyonya Food

First Row (from left): Auspicious Apples from Soy and Pepper Blog, Pineapples from this blog, Pomelos from here
Second Row: Kumquats from this blog as well, Mandarin Oranges as seen here

Are you ready for the VERY IMPORTANT DINNER - REUNION DINNER on Chinese New Year Eve? Yummy!

First Row (from left): Fried Fish with Soy Sauce from Rasa Malaysia, Seafood Hot Pot from here, Buttered Prawns from Wander Lust Food Travel Blog
Second Row: Drunken Chicken from Rasa Malaysia, Bok Choy with Oyster Sauce from Rasa Malaysia
Third Row: Lotus Root Soup from Rasa Malaysia, Longan Tong Sui from Rasa Malaysia, Loh Han Zhai (Vegetarian) from Food 4tots, Longevity Noodles from here, Red Bean Paste Pancakes from Rasa Malaysia

2 more days to Chinese New Year Eve.
Happy Thursday!

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